Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta

SmartDraw supports multiple Single Sign-On providers including Okta. This page will guide you through setting up SSO for SmartDraw using Okta.

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Okta SSO

How to Set up Single Sign-On with SmartDraw and Okta

1. Add SmartDraw to Your Okta Account

You'll want to add SmartDraw in your Okta account. Login to Okta, click on Add Application, search for SmartDraw, and add it.

Add SmartDraw in Okta

2. Configure Groups

Once SmartDraw is added to your Okta account, select the "Sign On" tab and click Edit. Select your preferred group filter from the Groups dropdown list. The Regex rule with the value of ".*" will send all Okta groups to the SmartDraw instance.

Configure groups

3. Get Custom Data You'll Need to Activate SSO

Next, in the same "Sign On" tab, click on "View Set Up Instructions" to get the custom data you'll need to enable SSO in SmartDraw

View Set Up Instructions

4. Login to Your SmartDraw Account

Next, you're ready to configure the SmartDraw portion. Login to your SmartDraw Account, click on Subscriptions and Licenses, and select your your license key. In the "Identity Managment" section, click on Single Sign-On.

Find SSO in your Account

5. Import Your SAML Metadata

Download your XML metadata file from Okta. You can import either the file or copy-paste a metadata URL into SmartDraw. Click on "Import SAML Metadata from your Identity Provider" and either upload your XML file or enter your URL.

Import SAML data

6. Verify and Activate SSO

SmartDraw will process your imported data automatically. Make sure your domain and SAML issuer URL look OK and click Save Configuration to enable Single Sign-On.

Activate SSO

7. SSO Enabled

Once the configuration is saved, you'll notice that SSO is marked as "Enabled" on the license's home screen. You can modify this configuration at any time or turn off SSO if you wish.

SSO enabled

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