What's New with SmartDraw

Updated Integration with SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business

17 JULY 2023

We greatly improved SmartDraw's integration with Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business. In addition to using OneDrive as your default storage provider, you can now also open and create diagrams directly from OneDrive and SharePoint. It's seamless.

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OneDrive Integration Update

Summer Awards for SmartDraw on G2

20 JUNE 2023

The positive reviews and awards in G2's quarterly report reflect SmartDraw's commitment to user-friendly collaboration and visualization tools for organizations of all sizes.

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New G2 Summer report

User Reviews Say SmartDraw is Easy to Administer and Easy to Use

31 MARCH 2023

SmartDraw won awards for being easy to use, fast to implement, easy to administer, easy to set up, and more across multiple categories in G2's Spring 2023 report.

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New G2 Spring report

Guides Make Aligning and Arranging Shapes Even Easier

14 MARCH 2023

The world's easiest diagramming app just got even easier to use. SmartDraw's guides make it even easier to align and arrange the shapes in any diagram, whether you're making a flowchart or a floor plan.

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New guides

G2 Users Recommend SmartDraw


SmartDraw continues to be easy to use, easy to work with, easy to set up, and easy to administer as reflected by multiple awards across multiple categories in G2's Winter 2023 reports.

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G2 winter awards

Share Custom Libraries with Your Team

16 JANUARY 2023

Maintain common standards across your entire team by sharing custom libraries across your organization if you have an Enterprise license. You can also create custom themes and templates your entire team can use to stay on the same page.

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Sharing custom libraries

Generate Reports from Jira Data for Scaled Agile


SmartDraw can now generate reports using your Jira data including a Blocking Issue Report, Epic Dependency Report, PI Board, and Product Roadmap.

These reports will let you connect requirements and dependencies, gain actionable insights, allocate resources more efficiently, and deliver what customers and stakeholders want faster at scale.

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Jira reports

New Whiteboarding Templates for Agile Workflow, OKR, Brainstorming and More


SmartDraw's new set of whiteboarding templates will help your team work together, analyze problems, capture new ideas, and make big decisions as if you were in the same room. You can now use SmartDraw to make Kanban boards, PI boards, OKRs, Customer Journey Maps, and brainstorm using brainwriting templates.

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Whiteboarding Templates

Floor Planning Made Easier, Faster, and More Precise

24 AUGUST 2022

Based on your feedback, we greatly re-engineered our floor plan tools to make floor planning even easier, faster, and more precise.

You'll now be able to define more accurate and smaller measurements like fractions of an inch and up to 6 decimal places for metric scales.

Your floor plans will be easier to create using new right-click menu options and other workflow improvements including the ability to add background images and to rotate your entire design.

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More Precise Floor Plans

Generate UML Diagrams from Markup

4 AUGUST 2022

You can now import UML markup created in Lucidchart to generate a diagram in SmartDraw. This will not only ease the transition for anyone used to making UML diagrams in Lucidchart, but it will also add more powerful options for defining UML diagrams in SmartDraw.

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Generate UML Diagrams from Markup

Improved Account Management

29 JUNE 2022

SmartDraw just released an improved interface for account management. Based on feedback, we made user management, SSO, integrations and other account management tasks all easier. You'll see the new look and feel when you login.

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Improved Account Management

SmartDraw is Easy to Use, Easy to Admin, and More

22 JUNE 2022

As evidenced by the awards across all categories in G2's Summer 2022 report, users keep agreeing that SmartDraw is a leader in diagramming and continues to be easy to use, easy to admin, and easy to set up. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to review us and we hope to keep adding features and tools that make diagramming and collaboration a breeze.

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Summer 2022 G2 Awards

Visualize Your Microsoft Teams Structure

17 MAY 2022

You can now generate a visual of your Microsoft Teams structure automatically. Whether you need a chart for an upcoming audit or just need to see what's going on, SmartDraw can quickly give you an overview of every team and the channels they've created in your instance.

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Visualize Microsoft Teams Structure

SmartDraw Wins Big with G2's Spring 2022 Awards

31 MARCH 2022

SmartDraw continues to be easy to use, easy to work with, easy to set up, and easy to administer. It's the easy choice for any type of diagramming and collaboration for your enterprise. It's always exciting to see that reflected in reviews and awards in G2's Spring 2022 Report.

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G2 Spring 2022 Awards

Export Decision Tree Data

8 MARCH 2022

SmartDraw's new decision tree export allows you to automate testing processes like those needed for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).

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Decision Tree Export

SmartDraw Ends the Year on a High with G2's Winter 2022 Awards

28 DECEMBER 2021

G2 announced their end of year awards based on verified user reviews. SmartDraw received awards across multiple categories from enterprise diagramming to org charts and CAD in G2's Winter 2022 report.

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G2 Winter Awards

Collaborate inside Microsoft Teams®


SmartDraw's new Microsoft Teams® integration lets you continue the conversation with visuals where you already collaborate with your team. You can now easily add existing diagrams to your channels or create brand new diagrams everyone can work on.

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Teams integration

Help Your Team Add Shape Data with Drop-Downs

24 NOVEMBER 2021

SmartDraw's shape data is a powerful way to add information to a diagram without visual clutter. SmartDraw's new drop-down feature makes associating data with shapes even easier. You can easily restrict data entry to preset values you define and anyone on your team can quickly pick from an approved list.

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Add shape data drop-downs

Automatically Generate a Diagram of Your Azure Configuration

15 NOVEMBER 2021

Do you need a picture of your Azure set up so you can begin a new design and planning phase? Do you need to audit your architecture or include it in a report? While SmartDraw has all the Azure symbols you need to create a diagram by hand, you don't need to draw it manually. SmartDraw lets you import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

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Generate a Diagram of Your Azure Configuration

Introducing the New SmartDraw Desktop App


The robust, easy-to-use experience you're used to in your browser is now available right from your desktop. You can choose how you prefer to work. You can launch SmartDraw from the familiar taskbar or dock and you'll get a consistent, familiar experience whether you're working from your browser or your desktop.

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Introducing the New SmartDraw Desktop App

Get Shape Data and Generate Charts from Google Sheets

11 OCTOBER 2021

SmartDraw lets you create diagrams from data and connect data to specific shapes for additional information. This latest update lets you connect to data stored in Google Sheets to generate a chart or enrich a shape with data.

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Get Shape Data and Generate Charts from Google Sheets

SmartDraw's G2 Fall Awards

4 OCTOBER 2021

G2 recently announced their quarterly awards based on verified user reviews. We were excited to learn that SmartDraw recieved a total of 12 awards across multiple categories from enterprise diagramming to org charts and CAD in G2's Fall 2021 report.

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G2 Fall Awards

Easier Line Drawing Extends SmartDraw's Automation

4 AUGUST 2021

New line drawing features for technical and engineering diagrams add flexibility to SmartDraw's automation. This new style of drawing lines and connected shapes is also offered as an alternative way of making flowcharts and network diagrams.

SmartDraw's flexibility and automation lets you draw any diagram easily.

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Improved Line Drawing

Greatly Improved Tools for UML, ERD, and BPMN

23 JULY 2021

New sophisticated tools for UML, ERD, and BPMN make drawing these diagrams quicker and easier with intuitive and contextual controls.

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Improved Tools for UML, ERD, and BPMN

Custom Themes for Enterprise Licenses

23 JUNE 2021

SmartDraw is introducing custom themes for Enterprise Site License customers. Users can create custom themes to share with their teams.

This powerful feature helps organizations maintain a common standard across multiple users and ensure that all teams and team members use the same color scheme and branding as they collaborate on complex projects.

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Custom themes

Improved Engineering Automation

2 JUNE 2021

SmartDraw extends improved automation to engineering diagrams. You can easily add common engineering symbols to the end of a line for any engineering drawing. SmartDraw continues to be the best in class when it comes to ease of use. Even complicated engineering diagrams can be intuitive to create.

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Improved Engineering Automation

SmartDraw's UI Refresh

27 APRIL 2021

We recently gave the online user interface a makeover as the first step in a longer process of updating SmartDraw's look and feel. This update gives the UI a more modern look that lets you focus on the diagram you're creating. Think of it like a fresh coat of paint. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Updated User Interface

Improved Symbol Search

14 APRIL 2021

SmartDraw has thousands of symbols to make diagrams of all kinds. You can now search all these symbols more easily with our redesigned search experience.

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Improved symbol search

SmartDraw's G2 Spring Awards

29 MARCH 2021

We pride ourselves on SmartDraw being both easy-to-use and powerful and it's always exciting to hear it reflected back in customer reviews. We're excited to announce that SmartDraw received a total of 10 awards across multiple categories in G2's Spring 2021 reports.

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G2 Awards

Collaborate Easier with Comments


With SmartDraw's new comment system, you can now easily share feedback and ideas with your team right inside SmartDraw. Share your diagram and your team can add comments to any shape easily. Your visual will be a single source of truth and the springboard for discussion even if you all work remotely.

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New comments

New Charts and Gauges

12 JANUARY 2021

The latest update to SmartDraw lets you add charts, graphs and gauges to your online diagrams. Add them to infographics, reports, or presentations or use them on their own to help you communicate vital data to your team.

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New Charts and Gauges

Free Connectors for Atlassian's Confluence and Jira


We just launched free SmartDraw Connectors for Confluence and Jira that let you connect your existing SmartDraw account and access and embed any existing diagrams your team has created into the Atlassian stack.

SmartDraw's free Connectors let your enterprise teams collaborate and communicate better with visuals using the app they already love and trust— right inside Confluence and Jira.

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New free Connectors for Confluence and Jira

New Contextual Help and Updated Knowledge Base

13 OCTOBER 2020

The newly released contextual help in SmartDraw is designed to provide you assistance where and when you need it—just click on the question mark icon in any dialog or SmartPanel. We also updated our knowledge base and help ticket system to make finding the answers you're looking for easier and faster. Click, browse, or submit a request and our in-house team of experts will help you draw and design anything.

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New Contextual Help and Knowledge Base

SmartDraw Now Converts Lucidchart Files


You can now easily import Lucidchart documents into SmartDraw in a few easy steps. SmartDraw's import will also reproduce your Lucidchart folder tree if you have one. If you're thinking of switching away from Lucidchart but are worried about leaving all your documents behind, SmartDraw has the solution.

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Lucidchart import

New AWS Integration


We're excited to announce that our AWS integration is now in beta. SmartDraw now lets you connect to your AWS account and visualize your AWS architecture automatically. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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AWS integration

Updated Integration with G Suite

23 JUNE 2020

We greatly improved SmartDraw's integration with Google Drive and G Suite. Save, open, and create diagrams directly from Google Drive, see your diagram thumbnails right inside Google Drive, and use Google Drive as the default storage provider for your entire license. Easily add diagrams to Google Docs and Sheets.

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G Suite Integration

Powerful New Features for Managing Your Organization's License

29 APRIL 2020

Whether you have a multi-seat license for your team or a site license for your entire organization, we completely revamped and improved the user interface for managing your account and we just added some new features making it easier to manage how your team can access and work with SmartDraw including rules for storage options, shared folders, and managing users with groups.

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License Management Improvements

Custom Templates

28 APRIL 2020

SmartDraw now lets you create custom templates to share with your team. This powerful feature helps you maintain a common standard across multiple users and ensure that your entire team uses the same symbols and branding as they collaborate on complex projects.

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Custom templates

Improved Spacing Controls

10 DECEMBER 2019

We just made it easier to adjust the spacing of shapes on flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, and cause and effect diagrams. More intuitive controls means you'll be able to create professional diagrams faster.

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Improved spacing controls

New Improvements: Sub-Charts and Processes, OneDrive for Business, and More

9 JULY 2019

This latest update adds more of your most requested features to SmartDraw ensuring that SmartDraw continues to be the most powerful and easy diagramming tool you've ever used. You can now add sub-charts, processes, and maps easily. Reorganize and rename your diagrams quicker. And connect SmartDraw to OneDrive® for Business and SharePoint®.

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SmartDraw subcharts

Connect to a REST API with a New Extension

13 MAY 2019

SmartDraw now also lets you create an extension that can connect to any REST API to generate a diagram from data. You can write the extension in the language of your choice, host it where it's most convenient and simply point SmartDraw to a REST endpoint url.

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REST extension

Create Your Own Extension with the New JavaScript Editor

06 MAY 2019

The best way to create your own extension and generate diagrams from data is using the new JavaScript Extension in the latest update from SmartDraw. The JavaScript Extension editor has the SDK loaded and validation built-in, so you can focus on extracting data from your source and translating that into a valid diagram mark-up easily. And you won't need a server to host any part of your work.

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Org chart extension

Build Organizational Charts from Data with a New Extension

30 APRIL 2019

SmartDraw's new Org Chart Extension lets you build an organizational chart automatically by importing a data file. Display photos, add hyperlinks, and show any data in a tool tip without cluttering up the visual. It's a powerful way to create an org chart without any drawing at all.

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Org chart extension

Smarter Diagrams with Shape Data

23 APRIL 2019

You can use shape data to make your diagrams even smarter: add data to shapes, import data, export manifests, and create data rules to change dashboards that update with data.

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Shape Data

Floor Plans Made Easier

16 APRIL 2019

The latest update to SmartDraw's floor plan tools just made it easier to create complex floor plans with easy-to-achieve precision. You can now show and set the distance between a corner and wall openings like doors and windows. You can also show and set angles between walls easily just by typing in the desired degree. SmartDraw continues to be the easiest way to draw floor plans of all kinds.

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Floor Plans Made Easier

New Modern Themes

9 APRIL 2019

With SmartDraw 2019, you'll see that every flowchart, mind map, org chart and many other common diagram templates and examples have been updated with a fresh look and feel. You can also apply these new, professionally designed themes to your own diagrams.

Learn more.

New modern themes

NEW! SmartDraw 2019

25 MARCH 2019

SmartDraw 2019 is here! Make better presentations and reports using diagrams with a new modern look, save time with powerful new floor plan improvements, and create true enterprise solutions with shape data, an open API, and new extensions to build org charts and decision trees automatically from data. License your entire organization and manage your users using SSO, now also supporting Azure AD.

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Announcing SmartDraw 2019

Generate Decision Trees Automatically

8 JANUARY 2019

You can now generate a decision tree automatically from data. Visualize your decisions quickly and easily without any manual drawing.

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Decision tree extension

New Angle Controls for Floor Plans

27 NOVEMBER 2018

SmartDraw continues to add powerful floor planning tools to help you design new plans more easily. You can now specify the angle between two walls just by typing in the desired degree. Just another way SmartDraw makes floor planning more intuitive.

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Floor plan angles

SmartDraw Announces New Open API


SmartDraw recently added extensions that let you generate diagrams like class or ER diagrams automatically from data. What's even better, you can also build your own extensions using SmartDraw's new Open API. The SmartDraw Open API allows you to add new functionality to SmartDraw for your enterprise.

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SmartDraw extensions

Generate a Visual Sitemap

30 OCTOBER 2018

SmartDraw's new Sitemap Extension will automatically build a sitemap diagram using your existing sitemap xml file. Create a visual representation of your web site to document your information architecture.

Learn more.

SmartDraw extensions

Generate Class Diagrams Automatically

23 OCTOBER 2018

SmartDraw can now generate your class diagrams for you directly from a code repository. Get an automated class diagram quickly and easily and you can spend more time writing code and designing next generation apps.

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SmartDraw extensions

Generate ERD Database Diagrams Automatically

16 OCTOBER 2018

Extensions are applications integrated into SmartDraw that can generate diagrams from data. SmartDraw's ERD Extension can visualize your database using a CSV export of your table definitions. It's that simple.

Learn more.

SmartDraw extensions

SmartDraw Introduces Extensions

9 OCTOBER 2018

SmartDraw now has extensions that let you generate diagrams from data automatically. The first set of extensions include class diagrams, database diagrams (ERDs), sitemaps, and we're planning on adding more regularly. You can even create your own.

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SmartDraw extensions

The SmartDraw Development Platform

1 OCTOBER 2018

SmartDraw is taking diagramming and automation to the next level.

  • New Open API
  • SmartDraw Extensions
  • VisualScript for Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • The SmartDraw Developer Website
  • SmartDraw Developer Support

Learn more.

SmartDraw development platform

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Enterprise


SmartDraw is now really easy to deploy in a large corporate environment. You can automatically provision thousands of users using SSO and assign access based on existing corporate permissions and groups.

Learn more.

SmartDraw data center

SmartDraw is a Data Center Approved Apps Launch Partner


SmartDraw is proud to announce that we're one of the launch day partners of the new Data Center approved apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. This means SmartDraw has been rigorously tested to work in a large-scale Enterprise environment with uncompromising performance and support.

Learn more.

SmartDraw data center

5 of the Most Requested Improvements to Floor Planning

29 MAY 2018

SmartDraw's powerful floor plan designer just got even more powerful and easier to use. Here are the most requested floor plan improvements included in the latest update: printing the grid, expanded paper sizes, adjustable extension-style dimension lines, better wall adjustment tools, and improved door and window rotation.

Learn more.

New floor plan improvements

New Multi-Seat Administrative Controls

15 MAY 2018

SmartDraw lets multi-seat license owners designate an administrator who can control document access, integration, patching, and more.

Learn more.

New multi-seat administrative controls

NEW! SmartDraw 2018

24 APRIL 2018

SmartDraw 2018 includes lots of big improvements to help you get more done including new online project charts, Trello® integration with both mind maps and project charts, revamped wireframe tools, data import for org charts and mind maps, new infographics content, and more.

Learn more.

New project charts

Online Project Management

24 APRIL 2018

SmartDraw will now let you create project charts online and get full accountability with Trello® integration. You can easily plan and visualize a project in SmartDraw and your team can use Trello to mark their progress on tasks. Changes made in SmartDraw are reflected on the Trello board in real time, and vice versa. It's a powerful combination.

Learn more.

New project charts

Improved Mind Maps with Gantt Charts and Trello® Integration

24 APRIL 2018

Enhance your mind maps by turning any item into a Trello card or converting your entire mind map into a Gantt chart with a single click. Switch between views easily. Changes made in one view will be automatically reflected in the other. Brainstorm and run meetings using SmartDraw's mind maps and make them actionable with Trello.

Learn more.

New mind map features

Revamped Wireframing

27 FEBRUARY 2018

SmartDraw has completely rebuilt its wireframing tools with powerful new smart symbols and controls. We added over 150 symbols and over 50 new wireframing and UI prototype templates and examples to help you build any website or app.

Learn more.

New wireframing tools

New Two-Factor Authentication Option


To help secure your account, you can now use two-factor authentication when you login. SmartDraw supports two types of Two-Factor Authentication (TFA): Google Authenticator and Authy.

Learn more.

New two-factor authentication available

New Infographic Templates and Examples

31 JANUARY 2018

Get brand new infographic templates to share important and interesting data with your customers and colleagues. SmartDraw's infographic templates are easy to customize and share even if you're not a designer.

Learn more.

New infographic examples and templates

Build Org Charts and Mind Maps Automatically from Data

23 JANUARY 2018

SmartDraw's online edition can now import data and turn them into beautiful organizational chart and mind maps. You may have an HR software package that has all your employee data, but no visualization. SmartDraw makes it easy to take a data file and turn it into a professional organizational chart automatically.

Learn more.

Build org charts and mind maps automatically from imported data

Make Your Own Custom Symbol Libraries

12 DECEMBER 2017

You can now easily save customized shapes or groups of shapes to your own custom symbol library for future use on both the Windows and online editions of SmartDraw.

Learn more.

SmartDraw adds custom symbol libraries

Box® Integration and Other Updates

28 NOVEMBER 2017

SmartDraw now lets you connect to your Box® account. This update also has an improved spell checking engine and some useful text editing shortcuts. Learn more.

SmartDraw adds box integration and more

Import Visio® Stencils Online


You can now import any Visio® stencil into SmartDraw's online edition so you don't have to recreate important symbols. With the industry's leading Visio® import and export, SmartDraw can easily live alongside or replace Visio®. Learn more.

SmartDraw add Visio Stencil import

Announcing the SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello


You can now add SmartDraw as a power-up to your Trello account and add professional diagrams to your cards. Learn more.

SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello

Introducing the SmartDraw Add-On for Confluence Cloud

27 JUNE 2017

SmartDraw is now available as an add-on for creating professional diagrams right inside Confluence Cloud. You don’t need a SmartDraw license to use the add-on, but if you are a SmartDraw user, you can import any existing SmartDraw files you created by linking the add-on to your account. Learn more.

SmartDraw for Confluence

SmartDraw Now Available in More Than 100 Languages

23 MAY 2017

You can now access SmartDraw’s entire UI and template library in over 100 different languages in a single click. Languages available include Spanish, Chinese, German, Hindi, and more. Learn more.

SmartDraw translated

Get a Powerful Annotation Layer on Floor Plans

22 MAY 2017

Add scale, author and other information in the form of annotations to any floor plan. The annotations will automatically adjust size and position as you draw. Learn more.

SmartDraw annotation layer

SmartDraw 2017

29 MARCH 2017

Over the past year we've made more than a dozen significant improvements that make SmartDraw easier AND more powerful to use. Learn more.

Announcing SmartDraw 2017

Hundreds of New Infographic and Presentation Templates

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 adds over 700 brand new professionally designed templates to help you create better infographics, presentation slides, and reports. Learn more.

New infographic templates

Powerful New Features for CAD and Floor Plans

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 now has the most complete feature set for creating scaled drawings including many standard engineering scales, ability to annotate, and print to scale. Learn more.

New CAD features

Visio Export and Visio® Stencil Import

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 lets you import any Visio® stencil into SmartDraw so you don't have to recreate important symbols. You can also export any diagram back to Visio®. Now SmartDraw can even more easily live alongside or replace Visio®. Learn more.

Visio import and export

Radically Improved Electrical, Piping and Other Engineering Diagrams

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 makes it much easier to draw electrical engineering diagrams by allowing you to add, move and remove symbols from connecting lines by simply dragging them. Learn more.

New electrical engineering features

New Administrator Controls for Site Licenses

29 MARCH 2017

There are new comprehensive new administrative controls for site licenses that will allow administrators to retain control of all user accounts and their documents, control access to the account, and consolidate existing accounts into one for easier administration. Learn more.

Site license controls

Introducing the New SmartDraw G Suite Add-On

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw's new G Suite add-on lets you create and add diagrams like flowcharts and org charts right inside Google Docs or Sheets. SmartDraw 2017 makes communication and collaboration easy across your organization. Learn more.

SmartDraw G Suite Add-On

Introducing the New SmartDraw WordPress Plugin

29 MARCH 2017

With SmartDraw's new WordPress® plugin, you can embed interactive views of complex diagrams iin any blog post. Your readers will be able to zoom, scroll, and open hyperlinks. Learn more.

SmartDraw Wordpress plugin

Version Control

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw now lets you view the history of any diagram and restore a diagram to a previous state. Learn more.

Version control

Detailed Network Diagram Symbols

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 adds new and improved network symbols with more detailed connection points allowing you to easily create presentation quality network diagrams. Learn more.

New network diagram symbols

SmartDraw is More Powerful Than Ever

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw now lets you ungroup complex symbols for finer control and editing. Plus, we’ve added full support for Asian characters and much more! Learn more.

New features
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