What's New with SmartDraw

Save Diagrams on Egnyte

01 JULY 2024

SmartDraw's new integration with Egnyte lets you save and share diagrams where your team already works. Connect to Egnyte and manage, secure, and govern your SmartDraw documents like you do every other file for your organization.

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SmartDraw now integrates with Egnyte

New Google Slides Integration

15 MAY 2024

SmartDraw now fully integrates with Google Slides in addition to other Google Workspace apps like Google Docs and Sheets. You can easily insert any existing diagrams into a slide or create a new SmartDraw visual directly from Google Slides.

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New Google Slide integration

SmartDraw Leads the Way in Diagramming and Visual Collaboration

30 APRIL 2024

Whether you're a small business, a mid-size organization, or a large enterprise, SmartDraw makes things easy with an award-winning app for diagramming, visual collaboration, org charts, CAD, and more.

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SmartDraw Winter 2024 G2 Awards

Add Azure DevOps Cards to Any Visual

26 MARCH 2024

With the new Azure DevOps visualizer, you can import Azure DevOps Work Items into any visual. SmartDraw can help your team stay in sync while brainstorming roadmaps, customer journeys, and more. Changes made in SmartDraw can be pushed back to Azure DevOps easily.

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Azure DevOps Data Visualizer

Check Out the New Timeline Visualizer

19 MARCH 2024

SmartDraw can now import event data to generate a timeline automatically.

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New Timeline Visualizer

Introducing the New Dashboard


See how we redesigned the SmartDraw dashboard with a modern interface that matches the new UI, improved focus and discoverability for templates and documents, and now offer customizable options.

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Introducing the New SmartDraw Dashboard

SmartDraw Recognized in G2's Winter Awards

20 DECEMBER 2023

Whether you're a mid-size organization or a large enterprise, SmartDraw makes things fast to implement, easy to admin, and easy to setup with a great estimated ROI.

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SmartDraw Winter 2024 G2 Awards

Introducing the Updated SmartDraw

6 OCTOBER 2023

SmartDraw is becoming a unified app that combines diagramming, whiteboarding, and data visualization into one enterprise friendly solution.

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Introducing the New SmartDraw

SmartDraw Wins Big in G2's Fall Awards

2 OCTOBER 2023

Every quarter, reviews and awards on G2 reflect SmartDraw's commitment to user-friendly collaboration and diagramming. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, SmartDraw makes things easy to implement, easy to admin, easy to setup, and more.

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G2 Fall Awards for 2023

Updated Integration with SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business

17 JULY 2023

We greatly improved SmartDraw's integration with Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business. In addition to using OneDrive as your default storage provider, you can now also open and create diagrams directly from OneDrive and SharePoint. It's seamless.

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OneDrive Integration Update

Summer Awards for SmartDraw on G2

20 JUNE 2023

The positive reviews and awards in G2's quarterly report reflect SmartDraw's commitment to user-friendly collaboration and visualization tools for organizations of all sizes.

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New G2 Summer report

User Reviews Say SmartDraw is Easy to Administer and Easy to Use

31 MARCH 2023

SmartDraw won awards for being easy to use, fast to implement, easy to administer, easy to set up, and more across multiple categories in G2's Spring 2023 report.

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New G2 Spring report

Guides Make Aligning and Arranging Shapes Even Easier

14 MARCH 2023

The world's easiest diagramming app just got even easier to use. SmartDraw's guides make it even easier to align and arrange the shapes in any diagram, whether you're making a flowchart or a floor plan.

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New guides

G2 Users Recommend SmartDraw


SmartDraw continues to be easy to use, easy to work with, easy to set up, and easy to administer as reflected by multiple awards across multiple categories in G2's Winter 2023 reports.

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G2 winter awards

Share Custom Libraries with Your Team

16 JANUARY 2023

Maintain common standards across your entire team by sharing custom libraries across your organization if you have an Enterprise license. You can also create custom themes and templates your entire team can use to stay on the same page.

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Sharing custom libraries

Generate Reports from Jira Data for Scaled Agile


SmartDraw can now generate reports using your Jira data including a Blocking Issue Report, Epic Dependency Report, PI Board, and Product Roadmap.

These reports will let you connect requirements and dependencies, gain actionable insights, allocate resources more efficiently, and deliver what customers and stakeholders want faster at scale.

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Jira reports

New Whiteboarding Templates for Agile Workflow, OKR, Brainstorming and More


SmartDraw's new set of whiteboarding templates will help your team work together, analyze problems, capture new ideas, and make big decisions as if you were in the same room. You can now use SmartDraw to make Kanban boards, PI boards, OKRs, Customer Journey Maps, and brainstorm using brainwriting templates.

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Whiteboarding Templates

Floor Planning Made Easier, Faster, and More Precise

24 AUGUST 2022

Based on your feedback, we greatly re-engineered our floor plan tools to make floor planning even easier, faster, and more precise.

You'll now be able to define more accurate and smaller measurements like fractions of an inch and up to 6 decimal places for metric scales.

Your floor plans will be easier to create using new right-click menu options and other workflow improvements including the ability to add background images and to rotate your entire design.

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More Precise Floor Plans

Generate UML Diagrams from Markup

4 AUGUST 2022

You can now import UML markup created in Lucidchart to generate a diagram in SmartDraw. This will not only ease the transition for anyone used to making UML diagrams in Lucidchart, but it will also add more powerful options for defining UML diagrams in SmartDraw.

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Generate UML Diagrams from Markup

Improved Account Management

29 JUNE 2022

SmartDraw just released an improved interface for account management. Based on feedback, we made user management, SSO, integrations and other account management tasks all easier. You'll see the new look and feel when you login.

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Improved Account Management

SmartDraw is Easy to Use, Easy to Admin, and More

22 JUNE 2022

As evidenced by the awards across all categories in G2's Summer 2022 report, users keep agreeing that SmartDraw is a leader in diagramming and continues to be easy to use, easy to admin, and easy to set up. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to review us and we hope to keep adding features and tools that make diagramming and collaboration a breeze.

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Summer 2022 G2 Awards

SmartDraw Wins Big with G2's Spring 2022 Awards

31 MARCH 2022

SmartDraw continues to be easy to use, easy to work with, easy to set up, and easy to administer. It's the easy choice for any type of diagramming and collaboration for your enterprise. It's always exciting to see that reflected in reviews and awards in G2's Spring 2022 Report.

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G2 Spring 2022 Awards

Export Decision Tree Data

8 MARCH 2022

SmartDraw's new decision tree export allows you to automate testing processes like those needed for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).

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Decision Tree Export

SmartDraw Ends the Year on a High with G2's Winter 2022 Awards

28 DECEMBER 2021

G2 announced their end of year awards based on verified user reviews. SmartDraw received awards across multiple categories from enterprise diagramming to org charts and CAD in G2's Winter 2022 report.

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G2 Winter Awards

Collaborate inside Microsoft Teams®


SmartDraw's new Microsoft Teams® integration lets you continue the conversation with visuals where you already collaborate with your team. You can now easily add existing diagrams to your channels or create brand new diagrams everyone can work on.

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Teams integration

Help Your Team Add Shape Data with Drop-Downs

24 NOVEMBER 2021

SmartDraw's shape data is a powerful way to add information to a diagram without visual clutter. SmartDraw's new drop-down feature makes associating data with shapes even easier. You can easily restrict data entry to preset values you define and anyone on your team can quickly pick from an approved list.

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Add shape data drop-downs

Automatically Generate a Diagram of Your Azure Configuration

15 NOVEMBER 2021

Do you need a picture of your Azure set up so you can begin a new design and planning phase? Do you need to audit your architecture or include it in a report? While SmartDraw has all the Azure symbols you need to create a diagram by hand, you don't need to draw it manually. SmartDraw lets you import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

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Generate a Diagram of Your Azure Configuration

Introducing the New SmartDraw Desktop App


The robust, easy-to-use experience you're used to in your browser is now available right from your desktop. You can choose how you prefer to work. You can launch SmartDraw from the familiar taskbar or dock and you'll get a consistent, familiar experience whether you're working from your browser or your desktop.

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Introducing the New SmartDraw Desktop App

Get Shape Data and Generate Charts from Google Sheets

11 OCTOBER 2021

SmartDraw lets you create diagrams from data and connect data to specific shapes for additional information. This latest update lets you connect to data stored in Google Sheets to generate a chart or enrich a shape with data.

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Get Shape Data and Generate Charts from Google Sheets

SmartDraw's G2 Fall Awards

4 OCTOBER 2021

G2 recently announced their quarterly awards based on verified user reviews. We were excited to learn that SmartDraw recieved a total of 12 awards across multiple categories from enterprise diagramming to org charts and CAD in G2's Fall 2021 report.

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G2 Fall Awards

Easier Line Drawing Extends SmartDraw's Automation

4 AUGUST 2021

New line drawing features for technical and engineering diagrams add flexibility to SmartDraw's automation. This new style of drawing lines and connected shapes is also offered as an alternative way of making flowcharts and network diagrams.

SmartDraw's flexibility and automation lets you draw any diagram easily.

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Improved Line Drawing

Greatly Improved Tools for UML, ERD, and BPMN

23 JULY 2021

New sophisticated tools for UML, ERD, and BPMN make drawing these diagrams quicker and easier with intuitive and contextual controls.

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Improved Tools for UML, ERD, and BPMN

Custom Themes for Enterprise Licenses

23 JUNE 2021

SmartDraw is introducing custom themes for Enterprise Site License customers. Users can create custom themes to share with their teams.

This powerful feature helps organizations maintain a common standard across multiple users and ensure that all teams and team members use the same color scheme and branding as they collaborate on complex projects.

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Custom themes

Improved Engineering Automation

2 JUNE 2021

SmartDraw extends improved automation to engineering diagrams. You can easily add common engineering symbols to the end of a line for any engineering drawing. SmartDraw continues to be the best in class when it comes to ease of use. Even complicated engineering diagrams can be intuitive to create.

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Improved Engineering Automation

SmartDraw's UI Refresh

27 APRIL 2021

We recently gave the online user interface a makeover as the first step in a longer process of updating SmartDraw's look and feel. This update gives the UI a more modern look that lets you focus on the diagram you're creating. Think of it like a fresh coat of paint. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Updated User Interface
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