What's New with SmartDraw

SmartDraw Adds Ability to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication


To help secure your account, you can now use two-factor authentication when you login. SmartDraw supports two types of Two-Factor Authentication (TFA): Google Authenticator and Authy.

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New two-factor authentication available

New Infographic Templates and Examples

31 JANUARY 2018

Get brand new infographic templates to share important and interesting data with your customers and colleagues. SmartDraw's infographic templates are easy to customize and share even if you're not a designer.

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New infographic examples and templates

Build Org Charts and Mind Maps Automatically from Data

23 JANUARY 2018

SmartDraw's online edition can now import data and turn them into beautiful organizational chart and mind maps. You may have an HR software package that has all your employee data, but no visualization. SmartDraw makes it easy to take a data file and turn it into a professional organizational chart automatically.

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Build org charts and mind maps automatically from imported data

SmartDraw Adds Custom Symbol Libraries

12 DECEMBER 2017

You can now easily save customized shapes or groups of shapes to your own custom symbol library for future use on both the Windows and online editions of SmartDraw.

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SmartDraw adds custom symbol libraries

SmartDraw Adds Box® Integration and More

28 NOVEMBER 2017

SmartDraw now lets you connect to your Box® account. This update also has an improved spell checking engine and some useful text editing shortcuts. Learn more.

SmartDraw adds box integration and more

SmartDraw Cloud Adds Visio Stencil Import


You can now import any Visio® stencil into SmartDraw Cloud so you don't have to recreate important symbols. With the industry's leading Visio® import and export, SmartDraw Cloud can easily live alongside or replace Visio®. Learn more.

SmartDraw add Visio Stencil import

SmartDraw for Atlassian Confluence and Jira


SmartDraw is now fully integrated with Confluence and Jira in the Atlassian product stack. SmartDraw is the only Enterprise-grade diagramming add-on available to create professional visuals. You don’t need a SmartDraw license to use the add-on, but if you are a SmartDraw user, you can import any existing SmartDraw files you created. Learn more.

SmartDraw Add-On for Confluence and Jira

Announcing the SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello


You can now add SmartDraw as a power-up to your Trello account and add professional diagrams to your cards. Learn more.

SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello

Introducing the SmartDraw Add-On for Confluence Cloud

27 JUNE 2017

SmartDraw is now available as an add-on for creating professional diagrams right inside Confluence Cloud. You don’t need a SmartDraw license to use the add-on, but if you are a SmartDraw user, you can import any existing SmartDraw files you created by linking the add-on to your account. Learn more.

SmartDraw for Confluence

SmartDraw Cloud Available in More Than 100 Languages

23 MAY 2017

You can now access SmartDraw Cloud’s entire UI and template library in over 100 different languages in a single click. Languages available include Spanish, Chinese, German, Hindi, and more. Learn more.

SmartDraw Cloud translation

SmartDraw Adds Powerful Annotation Layer to Floor Plans

22 MAY 2017

Add scale, author and other information in the form of annotations to any floor plan. The annotations will automatically adjust size and position as you draw. Learn more.

SmartDraw annotation layer

Announcing SmartDraw 2017

29 MARCH 2017

Over the past year we've made more than a dozen significant improvements that make SmartDraw easier AND more powerful to use. Learn more.

Announcing SmartDraw 2017

SmartDraw Adds Hundreds of New Infographic and Presentation Templates

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 adds over 700 brand new professionally designed templates to help you create better infographics, presentation slides, and reports. Learn more.

New infographic templates

SmartDraw Adds Powerful New Features for CAD and Floor Plans

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 now has the most complete feature set for creating scaled drawings including many standard engineering scales, ability to annotate, print to scale, and import AutoCAD files. Learn more.

New CAD features

SmartDraw Adds Visio Export and Visio® Stencil Import

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 lets you import any Visio® stencil into SmartDraw so you don't have to recreate important symbols. You can also export any diagram back to Visio®. Now SmartDraw can even more easily live alongside or replace Visio®. Learn more.

Visio import and export

SmartDraw 2017 Radically Improves Electrical, Piping and Other Engineering Diagrams

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 makes it much easier to draw electrical engineering diagrams by allowing you to add, move and remove symbols from connecting lines by simply dragging them. Learn more.

New electrical engineering features

SmartDraw 2017 Adds Administrator Controls for Site Licenses

29 MARCH 2017

There are new comprehensive new administrative controls for site licenses that will allow administrators to retain control of all user accounts and their documents, control access to the account, and consolidate existing accounts into one for easier administration. Learn more.

Site license controls

Introducing the New SmartDraw G Suite Add-On

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw's new G Suite add-on lets you create and add diagrams like flowcharts and org charts right inside Google Docs or Sheets. SmartDraw 2017 makes communication and collaboration easy across your organization. Learn more.

SmartDraw G Suite Add-On

Introducing the New SmartDraw WordPress Plugin

29 MARCH 2017

With SmartDraw's new WordPress® plugin, you can embed interactive views of complex diagrams iin any blog post. Your readers will be able to zoom, scroll, and open hyperlinks. Learn more.

SmartDraw Wordpress plugin

SmartDraw Clouds Adds New Version Control

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw Cloud now lets you view the history of any diagram and restore a diagram to a previous state. Learn more.

Version control

SmartDraw Adds Detailed Network Diagram Symbols

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw 2017 adds new and improved network symbols with more detailed connection points allowing you to easily create presentation quality network diagrams. Learn more.

New network diagram symbols

SmartDraw Cloud is More Powerful Than Ever

29 MARCH 2017

SmartDraw Cloud now lets you ungroup complex symbols for finer control and editing. Plus, we’ve added full support for Asian characters and much more! Learn more.

New Cloud features