Get Shape Data and Generate Charts using Google Sheets Integration

SmartDraw lets you create diagrams from data and connect data to specific shapes for additional information. This latest update lets you connect to data stored in Google Sheets to generate a chart or enrich a shape with data.

Get Shape Data and Generate Charts using Google Sheet Integration

Linking to Google Sheets for Shape Data

Any shape in SmartDraw can be assigned a set of fields and values. These show in the data panel and in a tooltip on the shape itself so you can drill down into details without having to clutter the shape itself with the same information.

Shape data is a great way to simplify complexity for diagrams like organizational charts, sales maps, and network diagrams.

Until today, you could add data manually or import a CSV file from your desktop. Now you can also connect to a Google spreadsheet.

You'll want to start by setting up the URL in Google Sheets. Open a document in Google Sheets and go to the File menu and select Publish to the web.

Make sure you choose Comma-separated values (.csv) in the second drop-down and hit Publish.

Now you have a URL you can use in SmartDraw to link to your data.

Linking to Google Sheets for Shape Data

Linking to data stored in Google Sheets instead of just uploading a data file, makes it so that you have the option to automatically update the data in SmartDraw when the spreadsheet is updated.

Auto update

Generating a Chart using Data in Google Sheets

You can also import data to generate a chart like a bar graph or pie chart.

Previously, you could import a properly formatted CSV to generate a bar graph, line chart, pie chart, or another selected chart type.

You can now import data from Google Sheets to generate a chart.

First, get a public URL from Google Sheets by choosing Publish to the web under the File menu.

Select Comma-separated values (.csv) and hit Publish.

You can copy-paste the URL from Google Sheets into SmartDraw to generate your chart.

If you use a URL as your data source, you can also turn on auto-updating to automatically refresh your chart.

Generate chart from Google Sheets

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