Full Integration with Microsoft's Enterprise Suite of Tools

SmartDraw works hand in glove with Microsoft's suite of enterprise tools. You can provision users, save files to your existing system, and collaborate with your team. You and your team can create visuals and work together entirely inside your existing set up.

You'll get all the power of SmartDraw's diagramming automation combined with the security of storing documents in your existing set up and the familiarity of working with Microsoft tools.

  • Provision users with SSO and Azure Active Directory
  • Save diagrams to OneDrive® or SharePoint® and your existing shared folders
  • As an enterprise admin, you can even make OneDrive® or SharePoint® the default or the only saving options for your team
  • Collaborate on visuals, gather feedback, and create new diagrams from your preferred communication platform in Teams®
  • Generate an org chart automatically or get a visual of your Azure architecture by connecting to your Azure account
  • Easily add diagrams to Microsoft Office apps like Word®, PowerPoint®, and Excel®
  • SmartDraw will even make importing any existing Visio® files and stencils a breeze
Microsoft Integrations

Set up Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory

With an Enterprise license, SmartDraw let's you provision your entire organization using SSO through Azure Active Directory.

You can:

  • Control who has access to SmartDraw using Azure Active Directory
  • Enable your users to sign-in to SmartDraw with their Azure AD accounts
  • Manage your accounts in the Azure portal as a central location

Learn more about using Azure AD SSO with SmartDraw.

Set Up Azure AD Single Sign-On

Save Diagrams to OneDrive®

SmartDraw lets you connect to OneDrive® and OneDrive® for Business so you can store and access diagrams on your preferred cloud storage solution.

When you connect SmartDraw to OneDrive, SmartDraw will also honor your existing group permissions to control who has access to documents. A diagram saved to your "Sales" folder in OneDrive will only be accessible to those who already have permissions to view or edit documents in that folder.

SmartDraw fits right in with your existing user permissions and sharing preferences.

Learn how to connect SmartDraw to OneDrive.

Save Diagrams to OneDrive

Save Diagrams to SharePoint®

SmartDraw can also integrate with Microsoft SharePoint®. You can publish or save a file to your SharePoint® server easily just by connecting to SharePoint from SmartDraw.

Like with OneDrive, once SharePoint is connected, you can save and open files from SharePoint without leaving SmartDraw. Plus, SmartDraw will adhere to your existing SharePoint permissions to control access.

SmartDraw is designed to work seamlessly with your existing setup.

SharePoint Integration

Set Document Storage Preferences for Your Entire License

As an administrator of a multi-seat or site license, you can change the default storage provider for your entire license or even restrict the storage provider available to your users.

This means you can easily set the default location every user saves to as OneDrive® or SharePoint®. You can even prohibit your users from saving anywhere else.

To do so, login to your account, and select "Document Control".

SmartDraw is the default storage selection for all licenses. To switch it, bring up the drop down menu for Default and select OneDrive® or SharePoint®. You can also go one step further. Instead of just setting your preference as the default, you can restrict all other storage options by toggling them to the off position. Leave only OneDrive® or SharePoint® selected.

SmartDraw gives you peace of mind that your team will work in the secure environment of your choice.

Set OneDrive as the default and restrict other providers

Collaborate on Diagrams inside Microsoft Teams

SmartDraw lets you continue the conversation with visuals where you already collaborate with your team. You can easily add existing diagrams to your Microsoft Teams channels or create brand new diagrams everyone can work on from within Teams.

SmartDraw fits right in with your existing workflows so you can continue to plan, design, and discuss and your team stays on the same page without any administrative effort at all.

Learn more about how you can work on diagrams together in Teams.

SmartDraw inside Teams

Insert Diagrams into Office® Apps

SmartDraw lets you quickly make diagrams using built-in templates and powerful automation. You can easily add any diagram to any Microsoft Office app to enhance your reports and presentations with visuals.

To add a completed diagram to any Microsoft Office® application, all you have to do is choose "Export for Office" from the Export command on the Home tab and paste your diagram into any Office® application.

SmartDraw can be that missing piece of Office that helps you communicate visually.

Learn more about adding diagrams to Microsoft Office®.

Insert Diagrams into Office

Import Visio Files

SmartDraw lets modernize your tools by moving away from old desktop installations of Visio®.

Plus, we'll make migration painless. Not only can you continue to work using the Microsoft tools you're familiar with, you can also import all your existing Visio® files and stencils. You won't have to recreate years of complicated diagrams or stencils by redrawing them.

Even the most complex shapes and diagrams will import reliably as fully editable SmartDraw diagrams and shapes.

Learn more about importing Visio files.

Import Visio Files

Build Diagrams Automatically from Your Azure Data

SmartDraw's powerful data automation means you can generate some diagrams from data.

Build Org Charts from Data

You can generate an org chart directly from your Azure AD. You can choose "Build Org Chart from Data" in SmartDraw and select your source of data as Azure Active Directory.

Learn more about building org charts from Azure data.

Build Org Charts From Data

Visualize Your Azure Architecture from Data

If you need a visual of your Azure set up to begin a new design and planning phase or to audit your architecture, you don't need to draw it manually. SmartDraw lets you import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

Learn more about generating a visual of your Azure architecture.

Azure Architecture from Data
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