Save, Share, and Collaborate Using Diagrams on OneDrive®

You can easily connect SmartDraw to OneDrive in just a few clicks and save files to your account. Once connected, you can also create and open SmartDraw files directly from OneDrive without leaving the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

Connect SmartDraw to OneDrive

  1. On the home screen's left panel, select Add Service and choose OneDrive.
  2. A new browser window will open and prompt you to login to your OneDrive account.
  3. When prompted, agree to let your SmartDraw connect to your OneDrive by clicking "Yes".
Add OneDrive

Save Diagrams to OneDrive

You can now save any diagram to OneDrive using Save As in the File tab.

Add OneDrive

Using Shared Folders

All shared folders from OneDrive will be available and inherit the permissions set by OneDrive.

You don't have to worry about setting up your system in SmartDraw's environment, just continue working with what you've already set up.

Shared folders will be marked in blue, so you know anything saved to those folders will be shared with.

Shared folders OneDrive

Set Saving Preferences on the Admin Level

A site license admin can restrict the saving preferences and connected allowed third party solutions for the entire license.

This means you can easily set the default location every user saves to as OneDrive. You can even prohibit your users from saving anywhere else.

To do so, login to your account, and select Document Control.

SmartDraw is the default storage selection for all licenses. To switch it, bring up the drop down menu for Default and select Microsoft OneDrive. You can also go one step further. Instead of just setting your preference as the default, you can restrict all other storage options by toggling them to the off position. Leave only OneDrive selected.

SmartDraw gives you peace of mind that your team will work in the secure environment of your choice.

Document Control OneDrive

Open SmartDraw Files from OneDrive Directly

With the SmartDraw app for OneDrive, you can open any SmartDraw files stored on your OneDrive folder directly. Clicking on a SmartDraw file will open SmartDraw in a new tab. Any changes and edits will be saved back to OneDrive.

Open files OneDrive

Create Diagrams Directly from OneDrive

Once SmartDraw is connected to OneDrive, you can create a new SmartDraw document directly from OneDrive without first opening SmartDraw. Click the New menu and select SmartDraw. This will open the SmartDraw app in a new tab.

Create file OneDrive

Learn More About SmartDraw's Integration with Microsoft Tools

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