SmartDraw Visuals Make Projects Easier to Plan & Manage

Planning a project using SmartDraw is so easy and intuitive that many of our customers tell us they are able to do it "right out of the box." In just minutes you will be able to:

  • Plan your project quickly and effectively using a mind map
  • Switch to a project chart or other views with one click
  • Assign tasks and due dates, manage dependencies, adjust schedules
  • View each person's tasks in the assignment view
  • View the project on a timeline
  • Import files to and from Microsoft Project®
  • Share your project plan on SharePoint®, or export it to Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PDF, or PowerPoint® with a single click.

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If you're looking for a simple project management solution, SmartDraw has it.

SmartDraw Project Management Video

Plan and Manage a Project in Just Minutes with SmartDraw

Diagramming a project using a mind map encourages the process to flow naturally, creating an efficient and easy-to-follow plan.

SmartDraw Mindmap

SmartDraw makes diagramming fast with simple, on-screen commands or optional keyboard shortcuts

SmartDraw Keyboard automation

How SmartDraw Simplifies Project Planning and Management

SmartDraw Lets You Plan More Effectively

A mind map encourages project planning to move naturally from broad topics to sub-topics to specific tasks. This allows for more accurate estimates of timing and resources. SmartDraw lets you build mind maps quickly thanks to automated drawing. Move shapes and everything reformats, so that your diagram is always presentation-quality.

Project Mind map

Assign Tasks and Due Dates

Click the Project Chart icon and you'll see that SmartDraw has applied your mind map data to create a project chart. Type in names of people who will perform each task. Add the dates that each task starts and ends. SmartDraw will create a date range automatically and scale it so that it fits on one page. Add dependencies or drag the date bars to readjust start/end dates.

Project Chart

Assignment View Organizes Tasks by Person

Assignment View allows team members to see the project plan arranged by person. At a glance, each person can see their assignments. When actions are updated, icons change to reflect the percentage of work finished. Exclamation points show tasks that are late (red) or at risk of running late (yellow).

Assign Tasks

View the Project on a Timeline

SmartDraw also creates a presentation-quality timeline overview of the project. You can move shapes, shift dates and again, everything reformats. As with the other views, any changes made on the timeline will apply to all of the other views, as well.

Project Timelines

Easy Integration with Microsoft Project® and Office®

SmartDraw has import and export capabilities, letting you work with Microsoft Project® files. Easily share your project in a variety of common graphics formats such as a PDF, or export it to any Office® application in one click. SmartDraw works with popular services such as Dropbox®, Google Drive, and OneDrive®.

MS Project Integration Export to Office

Tracking and Follow-Up is Automatic

Your SmartDraw meeting or project file is automatically backed up in your private, secure online SmartDraw account. Use it to create teams and track progress anywhere, on any device. Your team members, even non-SmartDraw users, can receive and update tasks and add comments right in the project file. SmartDraw users can share and edit each other's files.

*Full project management support is available only in the Enterprise Editions of SmartDraw

Project Chart