Why SmartDraw?

Why SmartDraw

SmartDraw is an easy and powerful diagramming app designed for teams across all functional groups of your enterprise. From marketing to software development, from novice diagrammers to expert visual communicators, SmartDraw offers a way for teams to use diagrams to capture and share information and collaborate on projects and initiatives of all sizes.

SmartDraw lets you visualize complex systems and ideas, make informed decisions, and work together to improve products, businesses, or even the world, while your entire team and organization stays on the same page.

SmartDraw Across the Enterprise

Devops and IT

DevOps and IT

Visualize your existing network infrastructure or plan and optimize a new setup. Import your AWS architecture easily and generate manifests of current IT assets throughout your organization. SmartDraw lets you visualize code, design and prototype new products, and communicate complex ideas.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

SmartDraw gives your sales and marketing teams the tools to collect and process data then plan and implement a successful strategy. You can use SmartDraw in Zoom meetings to map out strategy and solutions in real-time using mind maps and other visuals. Add charts and graphs to any presentation.

Management and Operations

Management and Operations

Run your organization more efficiently by providing a robust solution to analyze and improve processes and decisions through process documentation, strategic planning, and Lean methodology. SmartDraw lets you clearly communicate ideas to stakeholders so your organization can continue to maintain its competitive edge.

Project management

Project Managers

SmartDraw can help project managers plan out a new initiative and keep it on track with easy to understand visuals.


Human Resources

HR professionals can document organizational structure and change as well as use SmartDraw for onboarding new hires more quickly and easily.

Facility management

Facility Management

Facility managers can design office space, make clear facility plans and plant layouts, and create documentation for fire escape and other emergency evacuation plans.

Risk Management use case

Risk Management

Create timelines, plan for uncertainties, and find the causes of any faults more quickly. Make your team more agile and responsive.

Sales use case


SmartDraw can help your sales team optimize their processes and visualize their accounts using sales territory maps and process flows.

Prouction and engineering use case

Production and Engineering

SmartDraw has the technical diagrams and symbols your engineering team needs to draw anything.

Enterprise-Quality for 10x Less

SmartDraw is Used by Over 75% of the Fortune 500

SmartDraw customers

Trusted by Millions of Users

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SmartDraw is Both Easy and Powerful

No two organizations are exactly alike. Many use SmartDraw to create org charts and flowcharts. Some create mind maps for creative brainstorming. Others create floor plans or landscape designs. Some create software engineering and network diagrams. No matter what your team or organization needs to communicate or plan, SmartDraw makes it easy with powerful tools and intuitive integrations to help you get more done and keep your team on the same page.

Make Your Work Easier

SmartDraw intellifent formatting

Intelligent Formatting

Build and edit diagrams easily with the help of SmartDraw's intelligent formatting engine. Learn more.

SmartDraw professional results

Professional Results

Automatic spacing, alignment, sizing and color schemes for a professional finish. Learn more.

SmartDraw integrations

Integrates with the Tools You Use

Works with MS Office®, Google apps, Jira, AWS, and more. Learn more.

The Power to Draw Anything

SmartDraw breadth of content

Breadth of Content

Thousands of symbols and templates for every type of diagram. Learn more.

Engineering power

Engineering Power

True CAD-like drawing abilities with standard engineering scales. Learn more.

SmartDraw Visio compatibility

Visio Import and Export

Migrate from Visio without worries. Learn more.

Ready for Enterprise

Data driven diagrams

Development Platform

Built-in extensions and ability to create custom extensions using the VisualScript SDK. Learn more.

SmartDraw lets your team collaborate

Collaborate Anywhere

Collaborate with your team: share ideas, visuals, and feedback easily. Learn more.

SmartDraw SSO

Enterprise Administration

Provision thousands of users with SSO and more. Learn more.

Why SmartDraw Checks Every Box

SmartDraw Lucidchart® Visio®
Powerful Diagramming. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Integrations. Learn more. checkmark checkmark
Visio Import and Export. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Lucidchart Import. Learn more. checkmark checkmark
Shape Data. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Open Diagram API and SDK. Learn more. checkmark checkmark
Collaboration. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
SSO. Learn more. checkmark checkmark
Document Retention. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Security. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Sophisticated License Administration. Learn more. checkmark checkmark checkmark
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