Full Integration with Google Workspace

SmartDraw integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace. You and your team can create visuals and collaborate entirely inside Google Drive:

  • Create new SmartDraw diagrams directly from Google Drive using the SmartDraw Add-On for Google Workspace
  • Save diagrams to Google Drive and its shared folders
  • Open, edit and revise diagrams directly from Google Drive by double-clicking convenient thumbnail previews
  • Easily add diagrams to your Google Docs and Sheets
  • Make Google Drive the default or only saving option for your entire team

You'll get all the power of SmartDraw's large selection of templates and powerful automation combined with the familiarity of making reports and documents in Google.

Connect SmartDraw and Your Google Account

There are two steps to connecting SmartDraw and your Google account.

  1. Connect Your Google Drive to SmartDraw
  2. Get the SmartDraw Add-On for Google Workspace
SmartDraw with Google Drive and Google Workspace

Add Your Google Drive to SmartDraw

You can connect your Google Drive to SmartDraw so anything you save in SmartDraw can be added to and accessed from your Google Drive.

  1. On the home screen, click on "Menu" in the upper right area of your screen, select "Add Service", and choose Google Drive.
  2. A new browser window will open and prompt you to login to your Google account.
  3. When prompted, agree to let your SmartDraw connect to your Google Drive by clicking "Allow".
  4. You can now save any diagram to Google Drive using "Save As" in the File tab.
Add Google Drive

Get the SmartDraw Add-On

You can add SmartDraw as an app, so your users can create diagrams and add them to documents from inside Google Drive or any Google Workspace app like Google Docs.

  • Install the SmartDraw add-on from Google Workspace's marketplace.
  • When prompted, agree to let your Google Workspace connect with SmartDraw's external service by clicking "Allow".
  • You can also install the add-on from any open Google document or sheet. Click on the "Add-Ons" menu and select "Get add-ons". Search for SmartDraw. Click the blue "Free" button to the right of the SmartDraw entry.
Get the SmartDraw Add-On

Create New SmartDraw Diagrams Directly From Google Drive

Once SmartDraw has been added to your Google Workspace account, you can create new SmartDraw documents directly from Google Drive. Simply click on New, navigate to More and choose SmartDraw Diagrams.

Login with your normal SmartDraw credentials.

Draw your diagram or choose an existing diagram stored in your account and save it to Google Drive.

Create new SmartDraw diagrams from Google Drive

Save Diagrams to Google Drive and Team Folders

You can save any diagram you create in SmartDraw to your Google Drive in the "Save As" dialog. Under the "Save To" options select Google Drive if it's not already selected and navigate to the folder you want to save your diagram to. Choose your main drive or any shared folders for your team. You can also create a new folder if needed by clicking on the "Create New Folder" option.

Save Diagrams to Google Drive

Make Google Drive the Default or Only Saving Option

As an administrator of a multi-seat or site license, you can change the default storage provider for your entire license or completely restrict the storage providers available to your users.

To do so, login to your account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions", and select the license you want to manage. Next, click on "Set Document Storage Preferences".

Choosing storage preferences

SmartDraw is the default storage selection for all licenses. To switch it, click on the radio button in the Default column that corresponds to Google Drive. You can also go one step further and not just make Google Drive the default, but restrict all other storage options by clicking the Disallow radio button for all other options.

Restrict to Google Drive

Open SmartDraw Diagrams on Google Drive

SmartDraw diagrams will appear with thumbnail previews in your Google Drive folders. To edit a file, navigate to it and double-click to bring up an app selection drop-down and choose "SmartDraw Diagrams."

You can also right-click on the file, go to "Open With" in the modal that pops up and choose "SmartDraw Diagrams."

Any changes you make to the diagram will be saved to Google Drive automatically.

Diagrams with previews in Google Drive
Open a diagram from Google Drive

Add SmartDraw Diagrams to Google Docs and More

You can enhance any boring documentation or report with some eye-catching visuals. Create diagrams and easily insert them to any document or sheet in Google Workspace using the SmartDraw Add-On. Make your reports and documentation pop with professional visuals and easy-to-understand diagrams.

In your Google Doc, go to "Add-Ons", choose "SmartDraw Diagrams" and click on "Insert Diagram."

Login with your SmartDraw credentials and create a diagram or choose an existing diagram to add to your document.

Updating Inserted Diagrams

If you need to update a diagram, launch the SmartDraw Add-On, update your document and reinsert it or if you've updated your diagram independently using SmartDraw, choose "Update All Diagrams" or "Update Selected Diagrams" under the SmartDraw Diagrams menu and the service will go find the latest the version of the inserted visuals.

Add a diagram to Google Doc
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