Add Jira Cards to Any Workspace

SmartDraw's Jira issue data visualizer allows you to add Jira cards to any workspace from a connected Atlassian instance. Add issues relevant to your Kanban, brainstorming, PI planning, or anything you want to visualize.

Open the Jira Issue Visualizer

Click the + icon to switch the SmartPanel into the Insert Content view.

Once on the Insert Content view, select the Add Data Visualizer section and click on Jira Issues.

Launch Jira issues visualizer

Connect to Atlassian

You'll be asked to connect to your Atlassian account.

Connect to Atlassian

Search and Select Issues

Once connected, you can search for issue keys in your Jira instance using a standard text based search, an advanced JQL expression, or a custom filter from your instance.

Search for Jira issues

SmartDraw will pull your Jira data in and let you see which issues to add to your visual. Simply, check the boxes next to the issues you want to create shapes for and click OK.

Select Jira issues

SmartDraw will add a card for each Jira issue selected. The card will contain the issue summary and key. SmartDraw will also pull in all the relevant icons, a link to Jira, the assignee, associated sprint, the issue priority, and so on.

Jira cards

Update and Create New Jira Issues

Once you imported some Jira issues, the SmartPanel Tool view (click on the toolbox icon in the left bar) will have some relevant commands that let you update Jira tasks and even create new Jira cards to push into Jira.

To update a selected issue, click on Update Jira Issue. You can edit all the standard fields in the Jira issue like the issue type, summary, sprint, priority, assignee, and click OK to push your update to your Jira instance.

Update a Jira issue

You can collaborate with your team in SmartDraw and if you have a new idea that comes up in a brainstorming session, you can easily add that as a new Jira issue and push that issue back to your Jira instance. Click Create New Jira Issue in the SmartPanel.

Create new Jira issue
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