Help Your Team Add Shape Data with Drop-Downs

SmartDraw's shape data is a powerful way to add information to a diagram without visual clutter. You can easily associate model numbers, manufacturer information or detailed item specs with any shape to be viewed as a tool-tip. If you have non-technical members of your team who need to edit diagrams with data, SmartDraw's new drop-down feature makes associating data with shapes even easier.

You can easily restrict data entry to preset values you define and anyone on your team can quickly pick from an approved list. They can choose from a preset list of switches when deploying a network set up or select the appropriate part number when creating a warehouse assembly using human readable options.

Help Your Team Add Shape Data with Drop-Downo

Defining Drop-Down Options

Your visual can have a data schema associated with it that represents how you want to organize information. A data field represents a single bit of information you want to be able to assign to a shape. This may be a manufacturing number or an item description. You can define drop-down options for each field in your schema by clicking a gear icon next to the field in the Data panel.

Select the field to add drop-down options to

Click the plus icon in the upper left corner to add a new option to the field. This will let you define a Label and Preset value.

The label is what will be visible to the user in the drop-down. The preset value is what the actual data will show in the tooltip.

This is a good way way to show a human readable label for your team that may represent a specific part number when selected.

You can restrict data entry to just the options specified in the dialog by checking "Disable manual entry."

Show drop-down options

Add Data Using Drop-Drowns

Once the drop-downs are defined, when your team selects a shape in your diagram and selects the Data tab, they'll be presented with a limited number of options in the drop-down.

Learn more about setting up shape data drop-downs.

Selecting from preset values
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