Updated Integration with Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business

We greatly improved SmartDraw's integration with Microsoft SharePoint® and OneDrive® for Business. In addition to using OneDrive as your default storage provider, you can now also open and create diagrams directly from OneDrive and SharePoint. It's seamless.

OneDrive Integration Update

Connect to Sharepoint® and OneDrive® for Business

If you're a long time SmartDraw user, you may already know that SmartDraw works hand in glove with Microsoft's suite of enterprise tools. You can provision users, save files to your existing system, generate diagrams from Azure data, and collaborate with your team. Learn more about SmartDraw's Microsoft integration.

Before we can explore what's new, if you haven't already, you'll need to connect SmartDraw to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. Once connected, you can easily save any diagram to your organization's preferred storage provider.

Save files to OneDrive

Open SmartDraw Files from OneDrive® and SharePoint®

With this new update, you can now open SmartDraw files directly from OneDrive® and SharePoint®. Click on any SmartDraw file and it will open a new tab with the SmartDraw app and the selected file loaded. Edits will be saved back to OneDrive® and SharePoint®.

Open files directly from OneDrive

Create SmartDraw Diagrams from OneDrive® and SharePoint®

You can also create a new SmartDraw document directly from SharePoint or OneDrive without first opening SmartDraw. Click the New menu and select SmartDraw. This will open the SmartDraw app in a new tab. You can create and save a new diagram without leaving the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

NOTE: This integration doesn't work in the new OneDrive UI. We're actively working with Microsoft to find a solution.

Create new SmartDraw files from OneDrive
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