Share Custom Libraries with Your Team

SmartDraw makes teamwork easy. Your entire organization can start work from the same custom templates, use custom themes to coordinate color palettes, and now you can easily share custom libraries with everyone on an Enterprise license.

SmartDraw helps you maintain a common standard across multiple users and ensure that your entire team uses the same templates, same symbols, and same branding as they collaborate on complex projects.

Share custom libraries

Create and Share Custom Libraries

You can easily create a custom library of symbols you want your entire team to use across their projects. Once you have a custom library, anyone on your Enteprise license can access it without any extra work from you. Your team members can open any template and see all the custom libraries created for your license under the Shared Symbols folder. They can simply add any of those shared custom libraries to any template or diagram they're working on. Learn how in this tutorial.

Custom Symbol Library

Sharing Custom Themes

When you create a custom theme, anyone on your license will be able to apply your custom theme by selecting it from the Theme menu. Learn how to share custom themes on an Enterprise license.

Create a custom theme

Sharing Custom Templates

Like custom libraries and themes, a custom template can create a common standard across multiple users in your organization. Save your templates into a shared folder to share it on your Enterprise license. Learn how to create custom templates for your team.

Create a custom template
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