Improved Automation for Engineering Diagrams

SmartDraw just improved automation for all engineering diagrams. You can easily add common engineering symbols to the end of a line for any engineering drawing.

You can then complete your diagram by easily adding, moving, and removing symbols by simply dragging them. No need to carefully connect and disconnect lines.

SmartDraw continues to be the best in class when it comes to ease of use. Even complicated engineering diagrams can be intuitive to create.

Add Symbols to the End of Any Line

To connect an engineering symbol to a new symbol, simply draw a line and a menu of common engineering symbols will appear to let you choose a new symbol to connect. Click on any symbol to add it to your drawing.

This menu is intelligent and will populate with the last 6 symbols you've used in your diagram, so you'll always have the right symbols at your fingertips.

Add engineering symbols

Other Engineering Automations

Drag Symbols to Lines and They Will Snap and Align Automatically

To add a symbol to your circuit diagram, all you have to do is drag a symbol to a line and drop it. The line will split into two and connect each end to the symbol in exactly the right place.

Symbols will even rotate to align correctly—automatically.

Add symbols by dragging and dropping

Moving Symbols Without Disrupting Lines

Moving symbols is also easier in SmartDraw. Use the mouse to gently drag a symbol along a line to change its position.

Hold down the alt key and drag the symbol away from the line and move it to another. The original line will heal automatically.

Moving symbols

Remove Symbols and Lines Heal Automatically

To remove a symbol simply delete it or use the alt key to move it away from the line. The line will heal itself automatically.

SmartDraw is the only diagramming software that offers this power and ease of use for electrical engineering.

Deleting symbols
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