Introducing the New Dashboard

The new dashboard is a complete redesign of the first screen of the SmartDraw app. The dashboard is where you can find your existing documents, create new documents from templates, import files, run the built-in data visualizers, and more.

A quick overview of what's changed:

  • A clean and modern interface
  • Improved focus and discoverability
  • More dynamic and custom experience

A Modern Interface

The dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to SmartDraw. Updating the look and feel brings it in line with the previously released updates to the SmartDraw UI. Like the updated app, the dashboard has a lighter and more modern feel, plus real usability improvements.

SmartDraw Dashboard Templates

Improved Focus and Discoverability

SmartDraw Document Categories

Same Templates, Fewer Categories

Based on your feedback, we reorganized the templates into fewer categories to reduce clutter. All the templates you use and love are still there, but navigating to them is now simpler and cleaner. There's no more giant list of folders to overwhelm you when you launch the app.

Easier to Find Templates and Files

You can now view your documents by the environment they're stored in making it easier to find which files you may have stored on OneDrive or Google Drive and which ones are on SmartDraw's cloud storage.

When you search for documents, you can also focus on specific template categories or just documents you created making search faster and cleaner.

SmartDraw Dashboard My Documents
SmartDraw Dashboard Import Documents

Easier to Import Your Legacy Documents

SmartDraw makes it easy to import any legacy Visio and Lucidchart files you may have. You can also import old SmartDraw windows documents. The new dashboard makes importing easier to discover.

Easier to Discover Integrations

SmartDraw integrates with most of the tools you already use. You can install a SmartDraw app to create documents from third party apps like Confluence, Google Workspace, Teams, and more.

You can generate diagrams from data using SmartDraw's data visualizers by connecting to AWS, Azure, Github, and more.

And you can save your diagrams to your preferred third party storage provider.

SmartDraw Dashboard Integrations

More Dynamic and Custom Experience

You can now curate your own content by adding the templates you use the most as favorites.

SmartDraw Dashboard Favorite Templates
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