Custom Themes for Enterprise Licenses

If you have an Enterprise License, you can now create custom themes in addition to custom templates to share with your team.

This powerful feature helps you maintain a common standard across multiple users and ensure that your entire team uses the same color scheme and branding as they collaborate on complex projects.

Create a Custom Theme

Whether you want to standardize on your corporate colors or want a common look for all visuals across your team, you can set up a custom theme everyone on your license has access to (this feature only works for Enterprise License customers).

To create a new custom theme, click on Themes under the Home tab, select Manage Custom Themes, and choose Add Custom Theme.

Create a custom theme

Define Your Theme

A theme is made up of 6 styles that define 6 different fill colors, border colors, border thicknesses, and border styles.

You can edit the fill colors and border styles to your liking, name your theme, and add it your license.

Read more about how to create a custom theme in this help article.

Edit theme

Collaborate with Your Team

Anyone on your license will be able to apply your custom theme by selecting it from the Theme menu.

Select custom theme
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