Collaborate with SmartDraw inside Microsoft Teams®

SmartDraw's new Teams integration lets you continue the conversation with visuals where you already collaborate with your team. You can now easily add existing diagrams to your channels or create brand new diagrams everyone can work on.

Add SmartDraw to Microsoft Teams®

Your admin will add SmartDraw as an app available for your Team instance from the Microsoft Teams App Store. Click here to get SmartDraw for Teams.

You can then search for SmartDraw under Apps in your Team instance and click "Add" to make it available for your personal tab.

To add SmartDraw as a tab in a shared channel, click to "Add a tab" and search for the SmartDraw app on the new tab.

Add the SmartDraw app

Add and Collaborate on Diagrams

You can now open any existing SmartDraw diagram or create a new diagram as a tab in your channel. Anyone in the channel can comment or edit your document to facilitate faster communication.

The embedded SmartDraw app gives you all the power of SmartDraw at your fingertips inside a familiar Teams interface.

Add SmartDraw tab

How to Add a SmartDraw Diagram to Your Team Channel

To add a SmartDraw tab to your channel, select the SmartDraw icon from the new tab dialog.

You can add any of your existing diagrams from the list displayed. You can search your entire collection using the search tool.

Open an existing diagram in Teams

You can also create a new diagram. Click the New Diagram button and choose from the list available.

Create a new diagram in Teams

By default, the new diagram will be named after the template type selected. You can rename your diagram now or at any time in the future.

Click Save to load the SmartDraw editor in your Teams tab and start drawing.

Rename your new diagram

You'll have full access to SmartDraw's powerful drawing tools to create flowcharts, org charts, software design diagrams, and much more.

SmartDraw inside Teams
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