Create Timelines from Data

SmartDraw can import event data to generate a timeline automatically.

Open the Timeline Visualizer

Click the + icon to switch the SmartPanel into the Insert Content view.

Once on the Insert Content view, select the Add Data Visualizer section and click on Timeline.

Launch the timeline visualizer

Prepare Your Data

SmartDraw will generate an event for each row in a CSV file and place it on the timeline using the dates provided. You can even specify additional information that go into the Notes field in SmartDraw.

Format a CSV file to import events

Import Your Data

Once you launch the visualizer, you can drag and drop your CSV file to the modal or browse to find the file on your computer.

Import timeline data

Choose Formatting Options

Once your timeline data is imported, you can make some choices about how it will appear in SmartDraw.

For example, you can select whether events will appear inside a bubble or just be plain text.

Format timeline data

You can also make a choice about how your events appear in relationship to the timeline.

The default timeline format will position the events above and below your timeline in an alternating format.

You can also choose from a few other formatting options like putting all the events exclusively above or below the timeline instead of alternating them.

Format timeline location

Define Your Data Columns

In the same dialog, you can see how SmartDraw has interpreted your data and make changes if necessary.

Each column of your CSV can be labeled as the event data, event title, or a note about the event.

Once you're happy with your labels and formatting choices, click import to generate your timeline.

You can continue to edit your timeline inside SmartDraw by adding additional events, editing text, or changing the look and feel of your timeline.

Timeline data definitions
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