Automatically Generate a Diagram of Your Azure Configuration

Do you need a picture of your Azure set up so you can begin a new design and planning phase? Do you need to audit your architecture or include it in a report? While SmartDraw has all the Azure symbols you need to create a diagram by hand, you don't need to draw it manually. SmartDraw lets you import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

Import Azure

Open the Azure Template in SmartDraw

You can find the new Azure template in its own Microsoft Azure category on the main template screen.

Azure Template

Once your diagram is open, click on the Import Azure button in the SmartPanel to the left of your drawing area.

Import Azure

Import Your Azure Data

In a pop up, you'll be asked to login to Azure using your Microsoft credentials.

Once logged in, you can name your diagram. You can always rename it later too.

Next, choose the appropriate Subcription ID from your account. Then click Import to generate your diagram.

Select subscription and import

The generated diagram will contain a visual representation of your Azure architecture. You can click on the blue info icons to get more technical specs about each component.

Azure diagram
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