Make Complex Diagrams Seem Simple with Shape Data

SmartDraw can associate a data record with a shape. This is useful because it makes it possible to associate much more data with a shape than can be practically displayed in the shape itself.

The Shape Data Model

SmartDraw allows you to define one or more shape data tables and then add fields (or columns) to it using controls in the data panel.

Rows in a data table can then be assigned to shapes. One shape can be mapped to one row in one table.

Shapes that have data behind them will display an "i" icon. Clicking on the icon will reveal a tool tip showing the relevant data.

Shape data model example

Hiding Data and Complexity

Using shape data allows a single shape to hide a lot of data in a tool tip. This is particularly useful for extensions that build diagrams from external data sources where the source of data may have many fields that make a shape representing it to cumbersome. Learn more about extensions here.

Shape data menu