Edit the User's Email Address to a New One You Control

Users can't edit their own email addresses to prevent them from hijacking a license or documents belonging to the company.

When a user leaves, you can edit the user's email address and change it to an email address you control.

With SSO, this would be done automatically when you remove a user from an access group or changed their system password, but if you're not using SSO, you can accomplish the same task with SmartDraw's User Administration options.

To do so, login to your account, click on "Licenses & Subscriptions," and choose "SmartDraw User Administration" under Identity Management.

Choose SmartDraw User Management

Next, select the user in question and click the "Edit User" button.

Select a user and click Edit User

Change the email address to an email you control and hit "Save."

Then login to SmartDraw using this new email address and the "forgot password" feature to set a new password on their account which will allow you to access their documents.

Set the email address to be one you control

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