New Floor Planning Tools for Angles and Measuring Distances

The latest update to SmartDraw's floor plan tools just made it easier to create complex floor plans with easy-to-achieve precision.

SmartDraw's already intuitive tools let you set the size of walls and floor plan objects just by simply typing into them to set the dimensions.

Now, you can also adjust the angle between walls by typing in the desired degree. Plus, when you place new windows and doors, you'll be able to place them more precisely by setting the exact distance between the corner and the new wall opening.

Setting the Angle Between Walls

To adjust the angle between walls, you can simply type in a desired degree. First, select a room or wall, then go to the Design tab and click on Dimensions.

Under Options, click to select the Line Angles box.

This lets you see the current angles between walls in your drawing area. To change any angle, click to select it and type in the new value. Any connected walls will adjust accordingly.

Type wall angle

Setting the Distance Between Corners and Wall Openings

You no longer have to eyeball where doors and windows need to go on your floor plan. SmartDraw will let you see the exact distance between a corner of a room and any wall opening you add. To adjust the distance, select the segment in question and type the desired length right into the dimension measurements. It's that simple.

Set distance to wall opening

Other Wall Adjustment Tools

The new angle and corner measurement tools round out SmartDraw's already ituitive approach to adjusting wall and room sizes.

You can easily drag walls to adjust them or just type the length directly into walls to modify them.

Once you've created an outline for your room or house, click on a wall and you'll see two types of growth handles appear.

The handle with an up and down or right to left arrow will allow you to move your wall inward or outward vertically or horizontally.

The handle at the corners where walls meet will help you adjust your wall diagonally by letting you move the placement of the corner.

Grab any other part of the walls to move the entire room, including all of the room's contents.

Wall adjustment handles
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