Handling an Estate Matter

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Handling an Estate Matter
Evaluate data to develop a petition for probate
Determine whether probate is necessary from personal data
Compile personal data of decedent
Probate decedent's estate
Write specific Power of Attorney Document
Transfer assets to a Trust
Write legal and correct trust agreement
Collect and compile information for trust agreement
Write will(s)
Evaluate data needed to write legal and correct will(s)
Collect and compile personal data needed to handle estate
Document assets and their value
Appraise value of estate assets
Locate and establish control of estate assets
Locate and inform heirs of the death and arrange required actions
Arrange required publishing of death notice with newspaper
Write a Note to Interested Persons
Compile information for heirs
Write text of court order to admit will to probate
Document bond for estate executor
Write affidavit of minutes to the will
Document legal petition for probate
Estimate total cash needed to close the estate
Administer checking account
Apply for release of assets
Request final audit in writing
Prepare Federal estate tax return
Write out fiduciary tax returns
Compile needed data and write out income tax return
Pay or reject claims against the estate
Write documents required for ancillary probate
Determine necessity of ancillary probate
Pay off liens and/or court judgments against the estate
File objection to final accounting
File claim against estate
Compile and write court order to close estate
Prepare Supplementary Final Accounting
Assemble information for Supplementary Final Accounting
Prepare receipts
Arrange transfer of assets to heirs
Write court order approving the Final Accounting
Write a Notice of Final Accounting
Accomplish a final accounting for the estate
Advise heirs and devisees of the status of the estate

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