Data Visualizers

SmartDraw can generate a diagram automatically from a data source using built-in data visualizers.
You can also create your own custom data visualizer using SmartDraw's Open API and SDK.

Browse Available Data Visualizers

Explore the existing built-in data visualizers below.

Org chart

Organizational Charts

Generate organizational charts from data automatically.

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Import your Azure data and automatically generate a diagram of your Azure architecture.

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Import your Amazon Web Services information and automatically generate a diagram of your AWS architecture.

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Visualize your database structure automatically.

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Class diagram

Class Diagram

Generate a UML class diagram from a GitHub or local repository.

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Jira reports

Jira Reports

Generate reports from your Jira data including PI boards, product roadmaps, epic dependency, and more.

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Sequence diagram

Sequence Diagram

Import Lucidchart's PlantUML markup to generate a UML sequence diagram.

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Jira issues

Jira Issues

Connect to your Atlassian account and add Jira cards to your workspace.

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Decision tree

Decision Tree

Visualize your decision process automatically.

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Data chart

Data Chart

Generate a pie chart, bar graph, line chart, area chart, donut chart, and more from an Excel file, csv, or tab delimited text file.

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Add a gauge with data to any workspace.

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Sticky notes

Sticky Notes

Jumpstart your brainstorming by creating sticky notes from data.

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How to Use the Built-In Data Visualizers

The built-in data visualizers are located under the Plus (+) menu.

Click the + icon to switch the SmartPanel into the Insert Content view, then click on Add Data Visualizer to select a visual to add your workspace.

Follow the prompts to connect to or import data.

Built-in visualizers

Import VisualScript

All the built-in visualizers work by turning data into VisualScript markup. SmartDraw has an Open API and SDK that lets any developer write code that generates VisualScript.

Once you have a script that generates VisualScript, you can import the generated VisualScript into SmartDraw to create a diagram.

To do so, click on the Plus (+) icon to switch the SmartPanel to the Insert Content view. Then choose VisualScript under Add Data Visualizer.

Import Visualscript

Documentation for Generating VisualScript

Learn how to write code that generates Visualscript markup from data using the VisualScript SDK.

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