Add Diagrams and Connect Project Charts to Trello®

There are two ways SmartDraw can work together with Trello:

  1. You can add any SmartDraw diagram to a Trello card using the SmartDraw Power-Up: flowcharts, workflows, mind maps, cause and effect diagrams, and more.
  2. You can connect any task in a SmartDraw project plan to a Trello card on an existing Trello board. Changes made in Trello will be reflected on the SmartDraw project plan and vice versa.

Add Diagrams to Trello with the SmartDraw Power-Up

With the SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello you can quickly attach diagrams like flowcharts, cause and effect diagrams and more to any card for easier communication with your team.

SmartDraw brings Enterprise-grade diagrams to Trello with over 4,500 built-in templates and over 34,000 templates. You'll get automated drawing tools that help lines and shapes snap into place for flowcharts, decision trees, and more.

Get the SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello

Here's how the SmartDraw Power-Up Works

1. Install the SmartDraw Power-Up for your board by clicking on the Power-Ups link in the Menu on the right hand side. Scroll down until you see SmartDraw and click Enable.

Enable SmartDraw

2. This adds a "SmartDraw Diagram" item to the right hand side of any Card under Power-Ups. Clicking on "SmartDraw Diagram" will offer a choice among some common diagram type templates include flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, and floor plans. Selecting one of these will open a blank template of the selected type. If you don't see what you're looking for, click on "More" and you'll be able to choose from thousands of templates including class diagrams, workflows, and more.

Add a SmartDraw diagram

3. Login to your SmartDraw account when prompted and create your diagram. Hit the close button to save your diagram to the card.

Saved diagrams

4. Once your diagram is attached to the card, you can double-click the preview to edit it.

Saved diagrams

Connect Tasks from Project Charts to Trello

SmartDraw makes it easy to connect your project plan to an existing Trello® board. Select any task in a SmartDraw Gantt chart or project planning mind map and create a Trello® card in just a few clicks.

  1. Select a task
  2. Click the "Create Trello Card" button
  3. Login to Trello
  4. Choose any of your existing boards
  5. Select the lane the task belongs on
  6. Assign a team member
Create a Trello card for any task

Changes to any connected Trello cards will be reflected in your project chart the next time you open it. For example, if a team member marks a Trello card as complete, the project manager will also see this in the SmartDraw project chart. Likewise, changes in the SmartDraw project chart, like task due dates, will be reflected in the Trello card in real time.

Trello cards will be connected in real time to your project chart

To edit the Trello card for any task, click the small Trello icon to the right of the task.

Edit Trello card

Get the SmartDraw Power-Up for Trello

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