Attach Diagrams to Issues in Jira

With the SmartDraw Diagram App for Jira, your enterprise teams can manage issues better with the help of visuals and diagrams.

Insert diagrams into Jira

SmartDraw helps you create diagrams and drawings like:

  • Flowcharts
  • Organizational charts
  • Network diagrams
  • Software designs
  • Floor plans
  • Engineering drawings
  • and more!
SmartDraw templates and examples

SmartDraw brings Enterprise-grade diagrams to Jira in an easy-to-use package. Apps like Gliffy and offer limited functionality and a small range of templates and symbol libraries.

SmartDraw has the richest content collection of any app and SmartDraw makes it easy to create diagrams like flowcharts, workflows, process charts, and more.

SmartDraw for Jira

With SmartDraw you can:

  • You can add shapes using just the keyboard and they are automatically placed in the correct position and properly connected to the other shapes in the drawing.
  • You can move a shape from one position to another and it will snap into place all while your drawing reformats automatically.
  • You can delete a shape and the lines will heal and the other shapes will re-adjust to fill the empty space automatically.
  • You can select a shape and start typing text into it without having to double-click.
  • You can tab from one shape to another and enter text.
Easy usability

How to Install SmartDraw for Jira

1. Have your Site Admin install the app into your instance of Jira from the Marketplace.

Install SmartDraw app for Jira

2. In Jira, you can now select an issue and choose "SmartDraw Diagram" from the More menu symbolized by three dots in the upper right corner of the issue.

Attach a SmartDraw diagram to Jira issue

3. Using this command opens SmartDraw inside Jira. Pick a diagram template to create a new diagram, import an existing diagram from your linked account, or import a Visio®, or Gliffy® file.

Select SmartDraw diagram

4. Any new diagrams you create using the SmartDraw app are all stored inside your Jira issue as attachments not in your SmartDraw account. Anyone who has access to the issue in Jira can see or edit your diagram based on their Jira permissions. You don't have to explicitly share diagrams separately with them using SmartDraw.

Save SmartDraw diagram into a Jira issue

5. To update any attached diagram, just launch "SmartDraw Diagram" again and you'll see a list of diagrams attached to your issue. Select the one you want to edit and make your changes. When you are done, click "Update Saved Diagram" to save a new version of the attachment.

Edit diagram

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