Attach Diagrams to Issues in Jira Cloud

The free SmartDraw Connector for Jira lets you connect to your existing SmartDraw account and access and attach any existing diagrams to your Jira issues. You can use the same diagram for multiple issues and when the original is updated, all copies will be updated automatically. Easily extend the power of your existing SmartDraw account to collaborating in Jira.

Get the Free SmartDraw Connector for Jira

The benefits of SmartDraw's Connector for Jira:

  • Access files in your existing SmartDraw account
  • Use the same diagram in multiple Jira issues
  • Update a diagram and it will be updated on any issues it is attached to automatically
  • Reduce clutter and confusion because you'll always work on the one source of truth, not duplicates and copies
  • Import Visio and Lucidchart files
  • Extend value of your site license and get full access to SmartDraw files in Jira
  • Central control of docs using SmartDraw enterprise account administration
SmartDraw Connector for Jira

How to Install and Add Diagrams Using the SmartDraw Connector for Jira

1. Have your Site Admin install the SmartDraw Connector into your instance of Jira from the Marketplace.

SmartDraw Connector for Jira in the Atlassian Marketplace

2. In Jira, you can now select an issue and click on the "SmartDraw Connector" icon.

Alternatively, you can choose "SmartDraw Connector" from the More menu symbolized by three dots in the upper right corner of the issue.

Find the SmartDraw Connector

You can now add a diagram to your issues, by clicking on the Add Diagram button which will launch SmartDraw.

Launch SmartDraw by clicking add diagram

3. Login to your existing SmartDraw account. If you have an account through SSO like Okta, you may want to login prior to launching SmartDraw from Jira.

Login to SmartDraw

4. Pick a diagram you already created to attach to your issues or pick a new template to create a new diagram. Once you're ready to attach your diagram to the issue, click Save to Jira.

Save SmartDraw diagram into a Jira issue

You'll see your diagram attached as a file with a small preview.

SmartDraw diagram attached to Jira issue

5. To update or edit any attached diagram, click the edit icon next to the attachment to launch SmartDraw again and make changes.

Edit diagram in Jira

Get the Free SmartDraw Connector for Jira

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