AWS Architecture Data Visualizer

SmartDraw's AWS Diagram data visualizer allows you to import your Amazon Web Services information and automatically generate a diagram of your AWS architecture.

Watch the video to see how you can use the AWS diagram visualizer.

Open the AWS Diagram Visualizer

Click the + icon to switch the SmartPanel into the Insert Content view.

Once on the Insert Content view, select the Add Data Visualizer section and click on AWS Chart.

Launch the AWS diagram visualizer

Import Your AWS Information

Select the region you want to visualize.

To authenticate with AWS, enter your Access Key Token and AWS Secret Token. Click Import to generate your visual.

Import AWS data

Once your diagram is generated, you'll see a visual of your VPCs, Virtual Private Clouds, in the region you selected. Under each VPC, you'll see groupings for your Availability Zones and subnets. The symbols within the subnets represent all of your resources.

AWS diagram
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