Save, Share, and Collaborate Using Diagrams on Google Drive

One of the many ways to share your SmartDraw diagram is using Google Drive. You can quickly connect to Google Drive and collaborate with your team. You can also share your diagram by simply emailing anyone a link or saving it on OneDrive® or Dropbox®.

Google Drive Integration

Connect SmartDraw to Google Drive

In SmartDraw Online Edition

  1. On the home screen, click on "Menu" in the upper right area of your screen, select "Add Service", and choose Google Drive.
  2. A new browser window will open and prompt you to login to your Google account.
  3. When prompted, agree to let your SmartDraw connect to your Google Drive by clicking "Allow".
  4. You can now save any diagram to Google Drive using "Save As" in the File tab.
Add Dropbox service
Save to Dropbox

In SmartDraw for Windows Desktop

  1. If you have a local version of Google Drive, choose "Save As" from the File menu and simply navigate to the folder and save your document.
  2. Once you have a SmartDraw diagram saved on Google Drive, SmartDraw will automatically add Google Drive as an option when you go to open files.
Dropbox save as
Open from Dropbox

You Can Also Insert Diagrams into Google Docs and More

You can add diagrams to reports in Google Workspace using the SmartDraw Add-On. Learn more about inserting diagram into Google docs and more.

Insert diagram into Google doc

Use Google to Sign Into SmartDraw

If you don't have a SmartDraw online account yet, you can use your Google account to sign in. It's one less password to remember.

Google sign in
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