Patient Flow Process Overview

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Patient Flow Process Overview
Is the patient over 18 years of age?
Check to be sure patient has had a pre-admission screening prior to this visit
Patient Arrives at Facility
Verify identification of parent or guardian
Clarify all hospital fees with the patient
Does the patient have insurance?
Provide the patient information about their stay
Verify patient insurance
Verify check or credit card to make sure the patient can pay their account upon discharge
Patient leaves in the care of friends or family with all necessary information & medication
Be sure the patient can settle the account in full
Double check that all insurance papers were properly filled out
Schedule a follow-up examination
Be sure all recovery questions are answered
Verify the patient has all necessary medication and x-rays
Verify MD has authorized the discharge
Direct patient to the appropriate ward
Assist patient in completing any necessary admission or insurance forms
Verify that patient is entitled to free medical care

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