Generation Chart

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Generation Chart
How to Use This Chart
To use this chart, first establish a common ancestor. For example, if you were to use your mom, she would be the "Common Ancestor" located in the box that is in Row 1, Column 1.
Using your mother as the "Common Ancestor", let's say that you have a grandson and you want to know that grandson's relationship to a great-granddaughter. Find your grandson (your mom's great grandson) located in Row 1, Column 4. Then, find the great granddaughter, located in Row 4, Column 1. The box where these two ancestors meet, which is in Row 4, Column 4, shows that they are "Second Cousins".
Common Ancestor
Son or Daughter
Great Grandson or Daughter
2nd Great Grandson or Daughter
3rd Great Grandson or Daughter
4th Great Grandson or Daughter
5th Great Grandson or Daughter
6th Great Grandson or Daughter
7th Great Grandson or Daughter
Siblings (Brother or Sister)
Nephew or Niece
Grand Nephew or Niece
Great Grand Nephew or Niece
2nd Great Grand Nephew or Niece
3rd Great Grand Nephew or Niece
4th Great Grand Nephew or Niece
5th Great Grand Nephew or Niece
6th Great Grand Nephew or Niece
First Cousin
First Cousin Once Removed
First Cousin Twice Removed
First Cousin Three Times Removed
First Cousin Four Times Removed
First Cousin Five Times Removed
First Cousin Six Times Removed
First Cousin Seven Times Removed
Second Cousin
Second Cousin Once Removed
Second Cousin Twice Removed
Second Cousin Three Times Removed
Second Cousin Four Times Removed
Second Cousin Five Times Removed
Second Cousin Six Times Removed
Third Cousin
Third Cousin Once Removed
Third Cousin Twice Removed
Third Cousin Three Times Removed
Third Cousin Four Times Removed
Fourth Cousin
Fourth Cousin Once Removed
Fourth Cousin Twice Removed
Fourth Cousin Three Times Removed
Fourth Cousin Four Times Removed
Fifth Cousin
Fifth Cousin Once Removed
Fifth Cousin Twice Removed
Fifth Cousin Three Times Removed
Sixth Cousin
Sixth Cousin Once Removed
Sixth Cousin Twice Removed
Seventh Cousin
Seventh Cousin Once Removed
Third Cousin Five Times Removed
Eighth Cousin

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