Employee Referral Form

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Company Name
Referral Guidelines
Employee Name:
Employee ID Number:
Employee Referral Form
Adjustment Information
Classification Changes
Date Received:
Human Resources Signature:
**NOTE - Attach all supporting documentation such as performance/probation reviews, etc.
Effective Date:
Next Review Date:
Change Amount:
New Salary Amount:
For Human Resources Only
Award Date:
1. To refer a potential employee, please complete this form and return it, along with a copy of the prospective candidate's resume, application, or both, to the Human Resource department.
2. You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.
3. If the candidate you refer is hired, you will receive a referral award of $[amount] after the new employee has worked for [Company Name] for 90 days.
4. Employees involved in the hiring decision for a particular position are not eligible for referral awards for that position.
5. Only one referral award can be given per candidate. If a candidate is referred by more than one employee, the first referral received will be the one rewarded if the candidate is hired.
E-mail Address:
Telephone Number:
Candidate Name:
Position Referred For:
Why is this candidate qualified for this position:

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