Employee Warning Notice

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Text in this Example:

Company Name
Employee Information
Employee Name:
Employee ID:
Employee Warning Notice
Type of Absence Requested:
 First Warning
 Second Warning
 Final Warning
 Tardiness/Leaving Early
 Violation of Company Policies
 Substandard Work
 Absenteeism
 Violation of Safety Rules
Manager Approval
Description of Infraction:
Manager Signature
Job Title:
Type of Warning
 Rudeness to Customers/Coworkers
 Other: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Plan for Improvement:
Consequences of Further Infractions:
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Warning
Employee Signature
Witness Signature (if employee understands warning but refuses to sign
By signing this form, you confirm that you understand the information in this warning. You also confirm that you and your manager have discussed the warning and a plan for improvement. Signing this form does not necessarily indicate that you agree with this warning.

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