Feedback About Management

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Neither Agree nor Disagree
1. Brings out the best in employees
2. Treats employees with fairness and respect
3. Develops appropriate solutions
4. Identifies root causes of problems
5. Treats employees with respect
6. Demonstrates that employees are important to the success of the organization
7. Provides a clear picture of where the organization is headed
8. Can be trusted
9. Obeys their own rules
10. Inspires future success
11. Encourages my development
12. Shows an eagerness
13. Sets a good example
14. Develops innovative solutions
15. Communicates effectively
16. Understands our needs
17. Is committed to organizational goals
18. Effectively resolves department conflicts
19. Evaluates all options before acting
20. Sets challenging performance goals
21. Rewards people according to their accomplishments
22. Holds employees accountable

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