Common Aches and Pains - First Trimester

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Common Aches and Pains in the First Trimester
Bloating and gassiness
Nasal congestion
Common Aches and Pains
Increased vaginal discharge
Frequent urination
Pregnancy sickness
Try acupressure wristband designed for seasickness
Beware herbal medicines, some are potentially toxic and unstudied in terms of birth defects
Switch to unscented soaps, lotions, etc.
Quit cooking
Fresh lemon cure: sniff a wedge or suck one, either plain or sprinkled with salt
Nibble crackers or cereals before you get out of bed and wait 15 to 20 minutes before standing up
Try hard candy or peppermints to prevent irritating stomach acids from building up
Drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration
To circumvent morning nausea, have a light snack at night
Quit eating three big meals in favor of day-long mini-meals
Bubble bath before bed
Avoid caffeine and drink milk instead before bed
Some exercise during the day to improve the quality of sleep

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