Going Out and About

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Going Out and About
Cruise with caution
Motion sickness aboard a ship may bring back memories of you just-finished morning sickness, so veteran cruisers tend to do better than first-timers. Ask your doctor in advance about over-the-counter remedies. Lack of medical care is a potential hazard to cruising, though most ships have a doctor on board. Like airlines, many cruise lines prohibit passengers late in pregnancy (some as early as the sixth month)
Take special care by air
In any aircraft, you should drink more than usual amounts of water - one glass per half hour - to ward off dehydration. Eat lightly so you won't get nauseous, but skip the salty peanuts and request low-salt meals when you book your flight. For convenience, go for an aisle bulkhead seat.
Check airline regulations regarding late-pregnancy travel. some won't let you board after the eighth or ninth month and may require a doctor's verification of how far along you are.
Pack your papers
If you're traveling far from home, bring a copy of your medical records
Practice care with airbags
you can lessen the full impact of inflation by tilting the steering wheel up, away from your abdomen, and pushing the seat back as far as possible.
Keep moving
take frequent walking and stretching breaks, including while you're in transit. Relieve leg crams every hour or two.

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