Questions to Ask at Your First Visit

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Questions to Ask at Your First Visit
Under what circumstances do you induce labor? How often and why do you give epidurals? Episiotomies?
You'll get a sense of the caregiver's outlooks from his responses.
Additional questions for a nurse-midwife:
How do you reach her when you're in labor? Who is the backup physician? Under what circumstances would the midwife call in a physician? How quickly can he or she get to the place you're delivering? If you need a C-section, will the midwife stay with you?
What's your C-section rate?
Recognize that doctors specializing in high-risk patients will, necessarily, have higher percentages. In what circumstances does the doctor perform them? Can your husband or coach be with you at all times, even in surgery?
How do you patients usually approach pain management, and how does the decision for pain relief in labor get made?
The best answer is that the patient's wishes are respected going into labor and she's consulted throughout
Questions to
Ask at Your
First Visit
What are the odds that you - rather then an associate - will deliver my baby?
Many group practices rotate on-call duty, so the likelihood of your regular doctor's being present for your labor may only be 1 in 5 or 1 in 10. if having a familiar doctor deliver matters to you, you may be happier with a smaller practice or with a nurse-midwife.
Where do you deliver?
Which labor procedures (IVs, enemas, public shaves, continuous fetal monitoring) are routine there? Tour the hospital so you're familiar with its requirements.
How do I reach you if I have an emergency or an urgent question?
Find out whether the practice posts an on-call doctor 24 hours a day. if there's an answering after service after hours, how long does it usually take before you receive a professional responds? If you call the office, can you talk directly to the doctor?

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