Organs That Can Be Donated - Intestine

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Diseases and Disorders
Organs That Can Be Donated: Intestine
Intestine transplants are required when the intestine becomes twisted and blocked or when there is irreversible intestinal failure. Most cases of intestinal failure are caused by short-gut syndrome (a significant loss of length of the small intestine present at birth or as a result of surgical removal or trauma). People with intestinal failure must receive nutrients intravenously. Because long-term intravenous feeding usually causes liver damage, many people who require a small intestine transplant also require a liver transplant at the same time.
Transplant Statistics
Around 100 intestine transplants were performed in 2003.
In 2003, over 150 patients were on the waiting list for an intestine transplant.
In 2003, about 40 people died while waiting for an intestine transplant.
The one-year survival rate for intestine transplant recipients is about 60 percent.
The majority of intestinal transplants are performed in infants and children.
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Decision: Donation,
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