Requirement Statement Worksheet Example

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Customer Comment
Requirement Statement
I had to wait 30 minutes
for my food.
Slow customer service
All orders must be completed in 10 minutes. If wait time is longer than 30 minutes, explain reasons for wait and offer free dessert.
My fork was dirty and when I asked our server to replace it she practically sneered at me.
Rude customer service. Unacceptable level of cleanliness.
Employees must be trained on how to handle complaints.
Upgrade dishwashers. Silverware must be visually inspected by manager on duty before it's placed in the restaurant.
Our server forgot about the dessert we ordered yet it appeared on the bill.
Order filled incorrectly
Food orders should be transferred to kitchen within 2 minutes of taking them from customer to minimize chance for confusion.
We got someone else's check. It had this guy's entire credit card number and expiration date printed on it. I wonder where mine went?
Bill incorrect.
Before placing bill at a table, check to make sure it is the correct one. Install new cash registers that don't print entire credit card numbers on check.
I came in with two toddlers only to be told you didn't have high chair or booster seat for the kids. This is a family restaurant, no?
No seating arrangements for kids
All restaurants must be equipped with at least 5 booster seats and 5 high chairs.
I specifically asked the waitress to not put ranch dressing on my salad (I'm lactose intolerant) and asked for my coke without ice. I got both ranch dressing and ice.
Order filled incorrectly.
Orders must be written down and double checked with customer before leaving the table.
Requirement Statement Worksheet

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