Azure Diagram

Azure diagrams can help your team design, revise, and audit your architecture.

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What is an Azure Diagram?

An Azure diagram is a visual representation of your Azure cloud architecture using standard Azure icons.

You may want an Azure diagram outside of your Azure account to begin a new design and planning phase. They're also useful if you need to audit your architecture and include it in a report or presentation.

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Azure diagram example
Common Azure icons

Azure Icons

Azure icons are a standard set of symbols provided by Microsoft to represent components in Azure architecture including app services, Kubernetes, analytics, containers, databases, networking, security, virtual machines, load balancers, DNS, CDN, firewalls, and more.

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Generate Azure Diagrams from Data

SmartDraw lets you connect your Microsoft Azure account and visualize your existing network infrastructure automatically. All you have to do is login to Azure using your Microsoft credentials, choose the appropriate Subscription ID from your account, then click import to generate your diagram.

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More Azure Diagram Information

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