Procedure Before Filing Bankruptcy Petition

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Procedure Before Filing Bankruptcy Petition
Verify debts owed to family members.
Check if there are any outstanding judgments or lawsuits pending
Consult with the client's accountant
Verify if the balances given to you are correct by calling the creditors
Prepare a complete list of all debts outstanding
Gather the data needed for the petition.
After the initial interview between your attorney and the client, your review of facts should be exhaustive
Name, address, phone, SSN
Marital status
Date of marriage and maiden name
Date of legal separation and/or entry of final divorce decree
Check if the client has signed each and every page required.
List any assignees of claims as creditors and all property, regardless of the value.
After receipt of a notice of the first meeting of creditors, check to see if any of them have been returned for lack of proper address.
Make a copy of the completed petition and mail it to the client to review and return.
Recheck the debts with the client
If property is involved, be sure the legal description is correct

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