Business Continuity Planning Process Diagram

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Recovery Strategies
Business Impact Analysis
Plan Development
Testing & Exercises
Business Continuity Planning Process Diagram
Develop questionnaire,
Conduct workshop to Instruct business function and process managers how to complete the BIA,
Receive Completed BIA questionnaire forms,
Review BIA questionnaires,
Conduct follow-up interviews to validate information and fill any information gaps.
Identify and document resource requirements based on BIAs,
Conduct gap analysis to determine gaps between recovery requirements and current capabilities,
Explore recovery strategies with management approval,
Implement strategies.
Develop plan framework,
Organize recovery teams,
Develop Relocation Plans,
Write business continuity and IT disaster recovery procedures,
Document manual workarounds,
Assemble plan; validate gain management approval.
Develop testing, exercise and maintenance requirements,
Conduct training for business continuity team,
Conduct orientation exercises,
Conduct testing and document test results,
Update BCP to incorporate lessons learned from testing and exercises.

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