Business Continuity Resource Requirements

Create Business Continuity examples like this template called Business Continuity Resource Requirements that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

Text in this Example:

Resource Category
Resource Details
Normal Quantity
24 hours
72 hours
1 week
Later (specify)
Primary site, relocation site
and recovery site
Office Space
Office equipment
Furniture, phone, fax, copiers
Office technology
Desktops and laptops (with
software), printers with
connectivity; wireless devices
(with email access)
Vital records, data, information
Location, backups, and media type
Production Facilities
Owned, leased, or reciprocal agreement
Product Machinery & Equipment
Especially custom equipment
with long replacement time
Dies, patterns, molds, etc. for machinery & equipment
Raw Materials
Single or sole source suppliers
and possible alternates
Third Party services
Business Continuity Resource Requirements

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