Program Coordinator and Committee Worksheet

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Program Coordinator and Committee Worksheet
Program Committee
Department/Business Function
Contact Information
Use the following table to identify members of your program committee and compile their contact information. Use the list to prepare a distribution list for communicating with committee members and distribution of program documentation.
Instructions: Members of the Program Committee should include management and representatives from departments and business functions such as Legal, Human Resources, Public Relations or Public Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), Finance, Labor Relations, Operations, Facilities or Property Management, Engineering, Security, Medical, Information Technology, Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Distribution, and Quality.
Appoint a Program Coordinator to coordinate the development, implementation, evaluation,
and maintenance of the program.
External Representatives
External Agency/
Contractor or Vendor
Agency or Company Name
Contact Person's Name
Instructions: Solicit representation from public agencies, contractors, vendors, and others who can provide
input into the program. Include their contact information in the table above.

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