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Map business processes easily, on any device, with SmartDraw. SmartDraw has an extensive collection of BPMN symbols with powerful, contextual controls that let you build your process flows quickly and easily.

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Make a BPMN Diagram with SmartDraw

See how easy it is to create a BPMN diagram using SmartDraw's built in BPMN tools and templates. You start by picking one of the BPMN templates included.

Drag and drop BPMN symbols to the work area. Once you already have a shape on the page, click any of the yellow dots at the perimeter of the shape to start drawing a line and add a shape from the menu that pops up. This menu is pre-populated with the most common symbols for BPMN. Each BPMN symbol will also trigger a set of contextual controls to make representing even a complex process easier.

Extensive BPMN Symbol Collection

A BPMN diagram is made up of 4 major components: activities, tasks, events, and gateways. There are also data object controls, choreagraphy controls, and pools.

Each element can have additional notation to denote its type, trigger, or marker.

SmartDraw's BPMN symbol library contains all the building elements you'll need to make a BPMN diagram. Additionally, SmartDraw has powerful contextual controls to make adding types, triggers, and markers easy.

BPMN Symbols

Contextual BPMN Controls

SmartDraw's BPMN templates have sophisticated contextual controls based on the shape selected to let you quickly set markers and types.

For example, for tasks, you'll be able to set the activity type, task type, and add as many markers as you need.

Set task type

You can add any number of markers to a selected task to note its behavior in the process.

Set task markers

With an event shape selected, you can quickly change the type of event represented. There are three main types of events: start, intermediate and end. You can also represent the difference between interrupting and non-interrupting events and catching vs throwing events.

Set event type

You can also easily set event triggers as needed.

Set event triggers

Instead of wasting time looking for the right symbol or worrying about having to replace a symbol when all you need to change is the type or marker, these new controls now let you build and edit your BPMN diagram more easily.

Specify the gateway type using a drop-down.

See all the BPMN tools and how they work.

Set gateway controls

Top Reasons SmartDraw is the Best BPMN Software

  • Quick-Start BPMN Templates
    Professionally-designed business process examples will make you instantly productive. Simply choose the process management template that is most similar to your project, and customize it to suit your needs. Or open the blank BPMN template to start from scratch.
  • Contextual Controls
    You'll see a different set of controls depending on the type of object selected in the drawing area. There are controls associated with activity symbols, event symbols, gateways, data objects, choreography, and pools.
  • Strong Collaboration Tools
    Everyone on your team can be on the same page when they work on the same page. Add comments, leave notes, and share your ideas and documentation easily.
  • Revision History If You Need It
    SmartDraw tracks every change so you can always revert your document when there's unwanted changes.
  • Free Support
    Have a question? Call or email us. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help, for free!
BPMN Template

Effortless Collaboration

You and your team can work on the same BPMN diagram by saving it in a shared folder or by using your favorite file sharing apps like Dropbox®, Google Drive, Box® or OneDrive®. You can also share files with non SmartDraw users by simply emailing them a link. Or share your process flow in a variety of common graphics formats such as a PDF or PNG.

Add comments to start a discussion or offer feedback to a teammate as necessary.

Collaborate with your Team

Smart Integration

SmartDraw works with the tools you already know and love. Once your process is ready, you can insert it easily into a report or presentation—basically any Microsoft Office® or Google Workspace application—in a few clicks. SmartDraw also connects to Atlassian's Confluence and Jira.

Add your BPMN diagram to other apps

BPMN Examples

BPMN is a visual way to represent the steps in a business process using specific standard notation.

BPMN is used to analyze applications and enterprise workflows. This notation lets you visualize complex technical concepts in a way that they are accessible by every business user.

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