Product Failure Cause and Effect Example

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Product Manager made
late changes to layout
1-month delay awaiting
corporate re-branding
Additional hardware required
due to performance issues
Additional tester needed
due to project conflict
No signed-off requirements
to base test scripts on
Testing Delays increased
pressure on resources
Quality Issues Not Identified
Product Launch Delayed
Increases cost by 80%
Product Failure
Development Over-run
Delay in testing due to
other project over-run
Inaccurate estimates
Lack Of Sales Buy-in
No sales representative
on project board
program was rushed
Unclear Requirements
Stakeholders wouldn't
sign-off requirements
No prioritization
of requirements
Costs increased by 80%
Product launched 6 months late
Concerns over number of defects
Action Plan:
Carry out review of testing approach and procedures (QA Manager)
Source suitable requirements and estimating training for development team (HR)
Arrange meeting with Sales to revitalize product support (Project Manager)
Revisit project communications to ensure clear project massage has been given (Project Manager)

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