Prejudgment Attachment - Plaintiff

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Prejudgment Attachment - Plaintiff
The application, executed under oath, should include:
When the complaint is filed, or after it is filed, the plaintiff may apply for an Order and Writ of Attachment by filing an application for the Order and writ
A statement listing facts which indicate the validity of the claim and that the debtor is likely to hide or remove his property from the jurisdiction
A full and clear description of the property to be attached, and that to the best of his knowledge the property is subject to attachment (i.e. not homesteaded)
A statement that the applicant has no knowledge, information, or belief that the claim is dischargeable or has been discharged in bankruptcy
A statement that the Writ of Attachment is only for the property on which the attachment is based, and not other property
A statement of the full amount owed or special payment required

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