Search Patterns

Create Crime Scene Reference examples like this template called Search Patterns that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

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Search Pattern: Parallel
Search Pattern: Zone
Search Pattern: Grid
Search Pattern: Inward Spiral
Search Pattern: Outward Spiral
The grid search: A grid search is simply two parallel searches, offset by 90 degrees, performed one after the other
The inward spiral search: The CSI starts at the perimeter of the scene and works toward the center. Spiral patterns are a good method to use when there is only one CSI at the scene.
The Outward spiral search: The CSI starts at the center of scene (or at the body) and works outward.
The parallel search: All of the members of the CSI team form a line. They walk in a straight line, at the same speed, from one end of crime scene to the other.
The zone search: In a zone search, the CSI in charge divides the crime scene into sectors, and each team member takes one sector. Team members may then switch sectors and search again to ensure complete coverage.
How CSI Works: Search Patterns

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