Criminal Process

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Post-Verdict Motions
Trial Process
Omnibus Motions Filable
Criminal Process Procedure
Plea Bargaining
Grand Jury
Preliminary Hearings
Specialized Hearings or Dispositions
Disposition Without Plea of Guilty
Bail or release on person's own recognizance
Criminal Process
Custodial Interrogation
The nature and strength of the proof as bearing on the probability of his/her conviction
The general reputation and character of the defendant
The pecuniary and social status of the defendant
Probability of voluntary appearance of the defendant or flight to avoid punishment
Penalty that may be imposed
Nature of offense
Application for Modification of Sentence
Motion for New Trial and In Arrest of Judgment
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
Court erred in its instructions to jury
Court erred in not admitting confession
Court erred in not suppressing testimony
Verdict against weight of evidence
Verdict contrary to law and evidence
Jury instructions
Summation or closing
Redirect or rebuttal
Cross- examination
Direct examination
Opening statements
Jury selection (voir dire)
Motion to suppress identification testimony
Motion to continue
Motion to dismiss
Motion to excuse the trial judge
Motion for change of venue
Motion to quash the indictment or information
Motion for psychiatric examination
Motion for suppression of evidence
Motion for severance
For the defendant, it eliminates a long trial or conviction of a higher degree of crime
Enables prosecution to dispose of an indictment on a reasonable bases, and in the interest of the public
Prosecutor's evidence is lacking or questionable
Witnesses not available or reluctant to testify
Dispose of heavy criminal loads

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