Problems with Actus Reus

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Is it impossible to commit the "Actus Reus"?
When is an attempted act a legally complete Actus Reus?
Does this conduct or act really cause the injury or harm? The state must prove that a causal relationship exists:
Problems with
Actus Reus
Relationship of the parties. Who actually commits the Actus Reus
Responsibility for any conduct he/she
Status or condition of person
Problems with Actus Reus
No apparent means of subsistence
Meandering without purpose
The harm resulting therefrom
(the defendant caused the result)
Between the act done
(the defendant acted)
Sets in motion
An "attempt" is an unfinished crime
Finding the accused guilty DOES NOT require successful completion of a crime
Legally impossible
Factually impossible
Physically impossible
Drug buyer wanting to purchase drugs from a dealer, who has none
Pickpocket who attempts to steal from a person who has no wallet
Shooting a pillow thought to be a human body
Abortion on a non-pregnant woman
Assault on a store "mannequin"
Can a party be convicted of rape when a person consented?
Juvenile committing an "adult" crime
Perjury committed outside a legal proceeding

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