Family Disaster Plan

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Family Disaster Plan
1. The disasters most likely to affect our household are:
Family Member/Household Contact Info
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Pet Info
Registration #
Family Info
Family Last Name(s)
Household Address
2. What are the escape Routes from our home?
3. If separated during an emergency, what is our meeting place near our home?
8. During certain emergencies local authorities may direct us to "shelter in place" in our home. An accessible, safe room where we can go, seal windows, vents and doors and listen to emergency broadcasts for instructions, is:
4. If we cannot return home or are asked to evacuate, what is our meeting place outside of our neighborhood
What is our route to get there?
What is an alternate route, if the first route is impassible?
5. In the event our household is separated or unable to communicate with each other, our emergency contact outside of our immediate area is:
Primary Contact
Secondary Contact
6. If at school/daycare, our child(ren) will be evacuated to:
Child's Name
Evacuation Site (address and contact info)
7. Our plan for people in our household with a disability or special need is:
Person's Name
9. Family Member Responsibilities in the Event of a Disaster
Family Member Responsible
Disaster Kit
Stock the disaster kit and take it if evacuation is necessary. Include items you might want to take to an evacuation shelter. Remember to include medications and eye glasses.
Be informed
Maintain access to NOAA or local radio, TV, email or text alerts for important and current information about disasters.
Family Medical Information
Make sure the household medical information is taken with us if evacuation is necessary.
Financial Information
Obtain copies of bank statements and cash in the event ATMs and credit cards do not work due to power outages. Bring copies of utility bills as proof of residence in applying for assistance.
Pet Information
Evacuate our pet(s), keep a phone list of petĀ]friendly motels and animal shelters, and assemble and take the pet disaster kit.
Sharing and Maintaining the Plan
Share the completed plan with those who need to know. Meet with household members every 6 months or as needs change to update household plan.
10. Other information, if not able to be included above.

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