Administrative Controls for Multi-Seat Licenses

If you purchase a multi-seat license from SmartDraw, you can designate any person (a user or non-user) as the administrator. The administrator can easily:

  1. Control who may access SmartDraw and how they can share documents
  2. Retain control of all documents, even those stored online
  3. Consolidate multiple existing accounts and trials under a single license with full administrative control

Control User Access

For any multi-seat license, SmartDraw gives administrators control over how users can access and interact with their SmartDraw installation and SmartDraw online accounts.

Administrators can control access to SmartDraw by either restricting the email addresses that can access an online account to a specific set of domains that you control or even more tightly restricting access to a specific set of email addresses that you supply. At any time, you can lock any specific email address out of access.

If you have a SmartDraw Enterprise Site License, you can also provision thousands of enterprise users using single sign-on with Okta. Learn more.

Administrative controls

Document Retention

Administrators can change the email address and password required to access any account and its documents. You can also easily transfer the account and its documents to the email address of another person in your organization.

Retain document control

Account Consolidation

Administrators can supply any existing trial account in the organization with a license key that will transfer that account along with any documents under your umbrella of control. Users can even transfer an existing licensed account to the organization's license by logging in to their account and transferring their license to the email address that controls the corporate license.

Consolidate accounts
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